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  1. i found out about this mask from google, though i didnt use the tumerick or lemon ((only because i've never had tumerick and i was all out of lemons.. crap)) and i really love it.. only thing i dont like is that i dont really like the smell of it, the nutmeg is really potent.. but yeah, its good stuff, really made my face soft and seemed to even out my skin tone slightly after only one use and yes your right, your face will be a redish brown color immediatly after rinsing, but just give it a m
  2. i pretty much had the same problem, though i did have troublesome acne before i was on the pill (i was on ortho tricyclin lo) but after i got off of it my skin broke out worse than its over been in my life!! i mean it was bad, all my face was was just a big.. zit lol but i found something that works for me.. i wash my face twice daily with garnier nutritionist cleanser (all their products are great but very pricey, i just had a coupon) use proactive toner, and the best of all is avenno clear c
  3. i've got a great face mask that is extreamly INEXPENSIVE!!.. egg white!.. its crazy but its one of the best face masks i've ever used just for "touch ups" now and again.. now you cant use this every week cause your skin will get used to it and it wont be as good, but its great for toning and tightening the skin as well as exfoliating and making skin extreamly soft, plus for me it really balanced out my skin, not too dry, not too oily, just right.. now its really simple heres what you do: *sepe
  4. so i'm in my mid 20's now and i've had a spotted nose since i was 12, now i'm not sure if its just overlly large pores or really really bad blackheads but either way, no matter what i've tried they wont go away and they are so noticeable even if i use a pound of concealer you can still see them. so if anyone has done anything to get rid of BAD blackheads (i dont mean your everyday blackheads, i get those on my chin and i can get rid of those with a dozen treatments) please let me know!!! heres a