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  1. This is starting to be my belief too. My acne started to get bad as I started to think about it more and more- I changed everything about my life, my diet, my past times, everything. It made me feel super self-conscious and depressed, as everyone here knows a lot about. I've tried topicals, antibiotics... I can't say they've done anything major. But, the only difference in my life NOW as opposed to last year, when my skin was clear... is that I'm scrutinizing myself and thinking about my skin A
  2. UGH. My forehead was super clear and super smooth like 1 to 2 months ago. Then, suddenly, these bumps appeared. They're slightly slightly red and very very small and they're all over my forehead, mostly in the center, in like a large circle spot. I'm cleaning well with a tea tree cleanser (Desert Essence), and I've tried Ziana (didn't really work) and now am using Clindomycin Lotion and a little bit of Retin-A. I tried to use tee trea oil to get rid of them, ziana, aczone, nothing at all...
  3. how fast are you trying those things for? It's quite common that people only try these things for a few weeks, when it could take a few months, or whatever. Taking vitamins for one month, for example, isn't going to do the trick. Taking vitamins for 3 months, you might finally start to show. But I totally understand where you're coming from. My acne is relatively mild, but those small bumps and texture just doesn't go away! But, I figure, it's all about time...
  4. Melatonin is a hormone... could screw with your skin, potentially. Not a sure thing, so use at your own discretion. See what happens.
  5. Just a quick, and hopefully helpful note: Allergies to vitamins are worth looking into if you think you're doing everything right, but you still keep getting those big under-the-surface pimples. I was taking all my supplements, eating loads of veggies, but still kept breaking out with these big spots. I'd eat over a cup of carrots a day, and my vitamin A supplement, and my Carlson's cod liver oil with vitamin A... until I realized that was the problem. I stopped eating carrots, spinach, vitami
  6. raisins and all dried fruit hold a lot of sugar-- even though it's "gluten free" and seems really natural, it's still sugar. If you're on a limited sugar diet, I would personally stay away from dried fruits. That's what I did, and I think it significantly helped.
  7. Hi, So, I'm doing everything right. Or at least I think so. I eat well (no yeast, little gluten, mostly veggies, no sugar, lots of water...), and am taking some supplements (herbs, zinc, garlic...) and I have moderate acne, lately not big inflamed pimples but smaller slightly inflamed spots. I've stopped using Ziana/Aczone, and am now JUST moisturizing and using pure TEA TREE OIL. This has been a problem before, but just this morning I awoke to find my whole left cheek dotted with these tiny
  8. Okay, so I'm trying to figure out how my body reacts to everything and would love your opinion... I've been on some form of the Candida diet (with some weeks of exception) for months now and felt like I was possibly seeing results (or it could have been the Ziana/aczone, or allll the supplements i'm taking). BUT, last Saturday, i totally slipped... cake, candy, alcohol, cheese, gluten, yeast... you name it. I thought I was FREE, because I didn't notice anything new and horrible the next few day
  9. Hi, I've been using Ziana (and Aczone, more recently) for about 8 weeks. I have stopped breaking out, and only have one to three inflamed pimples at one time; the rest of my skin has smaller red dots, or bumps that will not go away. It seems like Ziana isn't doing enough; the results have kept me steady, but my face is not clear. I was prescribed Retin-A months ago but was petrified to actually use it (due to the reviews, saying that it made peoples skin worse and never better, ruined skin, et
  10. Hi, This is my first actual post on the boards, but I've been reading for months... To QUICKLY sum up my past with acne: about 6 months ago, I started breaking out. I have no idea why, possibly my hormones kicking in, maybe stress, maybe nutrition (although I eat very well). Either way, I started getting inflamed pimples around my face. It was never super severe, but it seriously affected my life and my confidence, and still does. The thing was, while I had many inflamed spots, the rest of my