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  1. ok... welll, im glad that this post is getting alot of "praise" but anyway. Now I think that if you didn't like the post that started this you most likely won't like the one im about to make.I'm about to use the F word in ways you have never dreamed of. I know it may scare you but just bare with me. Because if some poeple hadn't made this personal this i might not have to do this. First off, stinko , were the fuck do you get off telling me what to do? I made a fucking post, its not an insult
  2. elsa you know you said that you had buck teeth once and you weren't joking. i forget which thread it was in thought, but anyway. The guy who started this thread said that we could tweak it anyway we like so bam time for a little tweak! ok heres how it goes, i start singing a a verse from a song and you have to tell me the name of the song of and who sings it. simple ehh?ok here goes! ( if you want you can leave out the word that gives away the song. but if you do that the person who guesses
  3. no no no, elsa is a teenager., just like me. But unlike me all she does is sit in the house and post messages all day. i bet shes on right now! anyway the thing about the braces? Elsa has a buck tooth , so i thought she should think about getting braces. Oh yea and about what people think about this post. Man i dont give a shit.I ain,t got nothin to say to em. tell em they can kiss my ass. they are makin our whole generation lookfucked by actin like a bunch of whinny little fagets and they
  4. 1 Jay Wolfwood 2 17 3 Male 4 I'd bang her. ( but she does have that whole buck teeth thing goin on but for some wired reason that turns me on......) 5 I have two "hero" and the R.kelly sex tape, i mean did you see the part when he was hit it from the back and he started looking at the camra!? Funny face. Oh and when he peed on her it was kinda funny to. 6 Pladapus 7 err, Jay Wolfwood?? ( god i love my last name, hehe wood.)
  5. hmm, quite a world we live in.A world were people care more about there looks than anything else. seriously, it just acne. And yes i have seen enter the dragons photos and believe me ive seen much worse( im talkin acne on the chest, hands, on the arms as well as a small amount on the face.... we were in the locker room). Anyways, doesn't it strike anyone here odd that soo many of the members here are , well, major downers. Im not shure if you guys are depressed or something but my god get a grip
  6. yea dragon, don't bitch out and kill yourself. No point to it. Seriously , man you are kinda paranoid. " I cryed, and felt a bump were the tear droped."..... thats stupid! No ones skin is that fragil not even people with EB( and there skin will tear or get a bump from the slightest bit of pressure or friction).Anyway man, im shure that that bump would have come anyway. it was just a coincidence is all. So keep ya head up boy. And pray that you don't get the mumps( or chicken poks!)
  7. hmm, well back omn this thread subject.....there are many reasons to live. mine revolve around there fact that I think that everyone on earth is hell bound and that I would much rather live as long as possible then end it prematurely. plus halo 2 comes out at the end of the year so i gotta live to play that. and, black and mild cigars are good, young bucks'( from g-unit) album comes out in october, once i lose my acne ill ...err.. not have acne?. also next year i can go on a trip to china ( i
  8. well see, anything below a 7 is just a friend , so i really don't count that.
  9. honestly i don't have that problem. First off someone tryed that crap with me in 9th grade, i was new. HE said something like " yo nigga, ya face is fucked up". So i snickered alittle bit and then just stodd there. He said something like " what the fuck is ya problem man, ya stupid?" then he turned around and started laughing with his friends( 2 of em , short little punks). well the second he turned around i kick him into his locker , grabed his backpack and pulled him to the floor , were I kick
  10. well , think diablo . it was made by blizzard. And before that game came out no one knew who they were! but now they are one of the most respected gaming companies around. and every company has to start somewere. but more than likely im shure i get majesco or lo-Interactive to publish for me( even if its on a low scale). Honestly i just want to do what i know i would love to do.Hell , even if im only pulling 20,000 a year( the standard for a game designer is 50,000 , and thats at entry level!)As
  11. hey , if you think this is a damn concert weres my money!?
  12. well , i won't be working alone , I'll find some poeple who wabt to start a company nad we will split the cost. anyway, i dn';t want to start off with a big money game or anything, i want to start of small. like a 2d fighting game or a 2d rpg or something for the pc.making a game doesn't cost as muc h ass you might think. It starts to run up in price when you start calling in , major voice talent , major musical artists and start trying to make your graphics compete with the likes of halo and s
  13. If my maniger insults me again , I will be assulting him. After i fuck da manager up then im shortin tha register up. Lets go back , back to tha "Gap" , Look at my check , wouldn't even scratch, somethin got stole wouldn't my fault! .. yea i stole , never got caught. They took me to da back and pad me, askin me about some kakies? unless some black people walk in , i bet they show up in a couple blackies. OH "Now" they love man jay , put him all in front of da store , so im on break next to the n
  14. I've been , workin this late shift and i ain't made shit, i wish i could , buy me a space ship and fly! through tha sky, ahh yea \ If my maniger insults me again , I will be assulting him. After i fuck da manager up then im shortin tha register up. Lets go back , back to tha "Gap" , Look at my check , wouldn't even scratch, somethin got stole wouldn't my fault! .. yea i stole , never got caught. They took me to da back and pad me, askin me about some kakies?
  15. look my standars arnt really low, this is how i rank it. 7- really fine but boring personalitiy 8 - moderate good looks but a nice personalitiy 9-big breasts 10-moderate or really good looks and big breasts . And has a funny personalitiy. 11- breasts the size of watermelons.