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  1. Well I'm not seeing any animal products and therefore no B12. Not saying this is the reason for your acne, but it is important for your health. Try to incorporate some bone broths, eggs, fermented dairy and/or seafood into your diet. Maybe cut out the grains and legumes for a while too. Even if you are soaking them, they may still be irritating to an already irritated gut. If you cut the grains though, you really should be eating more animal prodcuts, sorry. It's tough to give diet advice
  2. Depends on how you ferment it. After 24 hours around 75 degrees, if it tastes pleasantly sour, there's probably no sugar left. I've never made coconut milk kefir though, but I imagine the ferment time and results are quite similar. Another thing too, I don't know much about the candida diet, but it seems that kefir being full of beneficial bacteria would be a good thing.
  3. Just want to add some anecdotes as I've been making my own cows' milk kefir for a lil while now. I got my grains from the kefir lady. She's awesome and sends you plenty of information and recipes. And my grains were really active right away. The kefir lady uses goats' milk. I'm not sure if it is because of that, and/or the traveling dormant period the grains experience... but my first three batches of kefir tasted terrible. Like fermented vomit. Not how kefir should taste! I made a c
  4. Same here... sorta. I've had IgE but even then I had to pay almost $500 oop because of my deductible. I've never asked about the IgG because my pcp is pretty lame. I'm trying to find a new one that is balanced in both modern medicine and holistic medicine. This is nearly impossible though it seems, ha. One end of the spectrum or the other. The only thing about cookies and milk that would trigger acne would be an allergy or sensitivity to the ingredients, such as the milk or gluten. Otherw
  5. Gluten-Free Swedish Pancakes (or crepes) 4 eggs 2 cups milk 1/2 cup oat flour 1 T sweetener of your choice (stevia, maple syrup, honey..) a pinch of salt 2 T melted butter Get an electric skillet warmed up to medium low/medium heat. In a mixing bowl, whisk your eggs. Then mix in remaining ingredients. Pour a thin layer of batter onto the skillet, seriously, thin. You may need to spread it a little bit if it doesn't spread on its own. When the top stars looking dry, which will be
  6. Are you eating any fat? I don't see much up there except for some egg and ranch dressing.. and I assume the ranch dressing is made with vegetable oils? Not good fats.
  7. You are supposed to be inventing gluten free Swedish pancakes. Don't you worry, I didn't forget! I shall perfect the swedish pancake.... despite the fact I don't think I'm Swedish at all.
  8. This weekend I plan to go crazy with kefir recipes... one of them will be buckwheat kefir pancakes and I hope they come out good! Kefir is awesome for soaking flour.
  9. Just saw this recipe pop up on allrecipes and it looks really decadent. Not healthy of course, but it could be modded to not be too sweet and it's gluten and grain-free. Personally, I'd make the cake with dark chocolate chips and make a semi sweet ganache... which wouldn't be too thick. Instead of the white chocolate glaze, I think I'd serve with some freshly whipped cream and/or berries. Ghiradelli Triple Chocolate Truffle Cake Ingredients 3 cups Ghirardelli Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chi
  10. Bite the bullet and do a whole 30. 30 days, no cheating. You'll thank yourself.
  11. Well there are a lot of things you can do to manage stress. Exercise, meditation, yoga, painting, music, sewing, reading, anything that lets you relax and escape reality for a bit. When you're calm, think of ways to remove the stressful areas of your life or how you can maximize the good things. Also, eating a certain way doesn't have to be stressful either. As long as you have good reason for doing something, it should naturally feel good. It will probably take time to get used to eating a
  12. Hmm.. to me this is something fun to think about, but like astrology, I don't think it's a good idea to take too seriously. Besides, I don't even think I'm the acne type lol. I read through them all and I am a mix of all of those personalities. Maybe that's a good thing?
  13. Sausage scrambled with eggs and a smoothie with homemade kefir, blackberries, strawberries and a bit of parsley. Handful of raisins. Two slices of Ezekiel bread with butter, a few bites of liverwurst, a swig of plain kefir, a gingerbread cookie which was a failed recipe made from soaked oats and tons of spices. I say failed because they came out rubbery haha, not very cookie like. Good flavor though. Also stopped and got a cafe latte since my boss wanted some soup. Handful of pomegrana
  14. You might want to check out Peggy Emch's blog, The Primal Parent. She also manages her PCOS with diet.