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  1. OK, well found out that basically wherever you put Differin you eventually will break out because I guess it just cleans out the pores. Started to apply it a bit below the jaw and neck and of course i found a zit growing there. oh well, cant do much about that right now except to put lots of bp on. which i did. still have the PIH but they are clearing up. wish they were totally gone by now but its been about 3 months, probably need at least 2 more months before they are totally clear. oh well, a
  2. I once had a cyst injected 2 x then went back for a 3rd, the derm then really extracted it and injected it again. It happens sometimes. Icing is a great idea, then cover it with BP.
  3. Everything okay xcpt for one new small spot on chin, it just doesnt end does it? the new spots are forming though not where the usual ones popped up. Felt it start to emerge last night and put BP on it. These are much smaller and go away faster. Tonight I'll wash and use Differin and BP on the spot. Sucks because i'm supposed to have a lunch meeting this week and i was hoping to be totally clear. The PIH are really faded from the November and December major breakouts. My closed comedones on the
  4. The spot near my ear that i just left alone and did not pop has healed up completely, no scar. Developed one fresh one right near it. Lanced it tonite because it was hurting, and then popped it. Put BP on it. It will probably need a second go around. Skin looking smoother. Even the pock mark on the cheek is healing up, that's the one that developed in December from the major cyst breakout. I had stuck a needle in it to lance it but I think the needle made a pock mark, thats why i switched to the
  5. I WOULD NOT DO ANYTHING THAT STRONG. You should always be very careful with your face. I agree with the other poster, SA peels are better for PIH, plus if you want to do something like that, go to a professional. You could end up burning your face. Remember, its an acid. Go to a derm and have a consult and have it done there.
  6. Thanks for the post. IMHO I would never use a needle, use a diabetic lancet - the kind you use to prick your finger with. They come in several different widths, I use the skinniest one. I think this is better than a needle because its designed to prick the skin whereas a needle isnt. They come like 100 to a box, are relatively cheap and pre sterilized. Just throw it away and use a fresh one. I've switched to them and havent had any infections, etc. Also I'm on .1% cream, maybe you need to change
  7. Dont want to curse myself but i think my complexion is steadily improving. The PIH from December are really beginning to look so much lighter - whew- but i'm still plagued with these small - again, whew - breakouts. Tonight a small pustule on the bad cheek, possibly a closed comedone that unplugged itself. I will not, repeat, will not pop it. At least I'll try not to. I did the regular routine plus additional BP on top. I think that works very well with the Differin. Whatever the Differin brings
  8. I've been checking out your log. I know your pain. However, I think you need to rethink what you are doing. Here are my suggestions after battling acne from my 20s on to my mid 40s plus oily skin, some enlarged pores, etc. 1. Cut out all facial scrubs. Its a bunch of hogwash. Scrubs made my skin worse because all it did was move around the bacteria. You think that its going to scrub all the junk off, but it doesnt. Once I stopped scrubs, I saw improvement. Not overnight, but it took a bit and
  9. This am woke up with no new breakouts, but after I washed my face tonite, I'm noticing a slight red mark on the right cheek. Dont know if its going to be a spot yet or not, but of course its Differin every night. My PIH has really improved so much. Differin is making my skin look clearer, but it still has yet to be totally 100%. I'm still waiting for all the whiteheads to go away but that may take another month. They have flattened out in spots and some were able to be squeezed out. The big one
  10. I use Finacea in the am and Differin .1% cream in the pm just so you know, plus the other stuff. No AHA or SA or glycolics anymore due to the Differin. I also found that I broke out horribly from the SA, but not the glycolic. Glycolics made my skin very smooth, very nice. But now on Differin so that is contraindicated. Good luck at the derm.
  11. An AM update. Those 2 spots on each side of my jaw def neeeded to be lanced last night. I made the right decision, thankfully. The one on the left which I was able to get the remaining junk out of is totally flat. Covered it last night with BP on top of the Differin. Of course there is a brown mark, god, that is becoming tedious, and the other one def needed a blood letting. It is also now flat and just a bit red. Covered that as well last night with BP. Will do it again tonite. Today is Finacea
  12. I use prescription Finacea which is touted for help with acne, rosacea as well as PIH - red marks. At night I found a great cream from a company called Coren Cosmetics (online) called Reparative Moisture Cream with Vitamin E and Botanicals. I like this cream alot it seems to have really reduced the red marks. I havent yet found anything over the counter that works regrettably. In the daytime I use cetaphil with 50spf, or Oil of Olay with 30spf. Depends on how sunny, etc it is that day.
  13. seems like emotional setback today. have those 2 pesky red marks on each side of jaw, plus the PIH still around from all the crap that broke out on my face in December. Yes they are getting lighter but damn its depressing. walked out of house today with just sunscreen and tinted moisturizer and of course caught myself in mirrors and thought, ugh, my face is pale except for the awful red marks. what do people think when they see me? came home worked out and then decide to poke at those two red ma
  14. You cannot get cold sores (herpes sores) from Finacea. I've been on it for years and never had them. If you have cold sores, then you need to treat what is causing them. I suggest that you apply the Finacea however with a cotton swab or something like that so you dont spread the herpes around. You should also avoid applying anything to the open sores and carefully wash your hands before and after.
  15. God what day is it on Differin already? noticing a few breakouts that I documented, all along the jawline area where the whiteheads were pretty much concentrated. dont know if these are the whiteheads that are being forced to the surface or what, i'm guessing it is but i figured i would have the ib earlier on. its almost a month now. they are small, but felt irritated a bit. came home from work, washed off all makeup. slathered on bp on those breakouts and took a nap. they seem a little better a