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  1. My lips and nostrils are my least favorite friends right now! haha
  2. Use sensitive skin products! Use a lot of moisturizer! I would get the little Aquafor bottles for your lips. They sell tiny ones. I have a bigger one for areas that get rashy. Head and shoulders for shampoo. Expensive lotion. Eucerin or Goldbond do the trick. I never bought expensive lotion until Accutane. I will never use cheap lotion again. There is a reason why it's expensive, lol. I use Dove and Oil of Olay body wash. Cetaphil and Dove face wash and Cetaphil Face Lotion. I also use Aveeno
  3. My derm injected my cysts with something. They went away next day. You should ask about it. It doesn't hurt either...
  4. I had the same problem. I was using Dove moisturizer and decided to try something else. I use Cetaphil now. The flakyness went away in 1 day! Get Cetaphil moisturizer!!!! I put it on the problem areas 4 times in one day and went away. I only wash my face in the morning and night too.
  5. I have been getting a couple of small rashes. Cortizone 10 seems to do the job in a couple days. As for the flakyness, use Gold Bond lotion. It's the best lotion ever. I use gold bond ultimate softening lotion. It won't clog your pores. I don't use it on my face though. An even better lotion is Gold Bond Restoring. I would get that since the flakyness is on your arms. Get it, you'll love it. It's not greasy and will heal it, trust me. I used it for a little bit and don't use it anymore, no more
  6. I'm gonna talk to my derm when I see her in 2 weeks about the weight loss. I was at 210 when I started. I'm on Day 33 and weigh 190..................
  7. So, I talked to my Derm. today and she said it was alright if I just keep taking 40mg for a longer period of time. This shit better work, haha. Let's go Month #2!!!!!!!
  8. That's nothing. I've been on Accutane for a month, I'm on day 29 as of today. I've lost 20 pounds......................................... I'm not complaining though. As long as I don't go below 180, I'm a happy man. Just gotta do some sit-ups and get rid of my belly, haha.
  9. I moisturize a bit heavy with Dove or Ponds. They work great and my face is getting smooth. I'm on day 29 as of today. I'll put it on after I get out of the shower or wash my face, then 20 minutes later, I'll apply a little bit more on my cheeks and nose. Then I'm good until I wash my face again. I assume it's the amount of water you drink and the dryness that your facewash creates (I use dove with 1/4 moisture cream in it, it's great!). I don't drink enough water though, I need to break that h
  10. I was on 40mg a day for my first month. My second month will start on Monday ((12/29/08). It will be 60mg (three 20mg at once, 3 times a day). So, my 40mg dosage was $235/month, which is managable. I have shitty insurance, my RX is a discount card, it sucks. Off topic, I have a fucking office job and I don't get paid holidays..... Anyway, back on topic, anybody guess how much this extra 20mg a day is costing me a month..... Any guess..... ..... 565 mother-fucking dollars a month
  11. Just a quick venting session........ My face is freaking dry and I'm not liking this initial breakout!!!!!!! Not a big fan right now... Ok, I'm done venting.
  12. Because of you, I just bought some Aquaphor Healing Ointment Lip Balm. Because of you, my lips are a lot happier right now!!!
  13. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/products-use-t219407.html
  14. Just wondering what kind of products people are using while on Accutane or just in general... Here's what I use... Face Wash: Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash. It's the orange stuff in a pump bottle. I have no problems with it. It cleans without over drying. I was thinking about switching to a more moisturizing face wash, maybe something from Dove or Oil of Olay or something that is over priced, but I read from another thread that too much moisturization is bad because Accutane is supposed to dr