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  1. Hey there. Did you end up going on Accutane? How did it work out for you?

    1. I'm more annoyed than jealous.............What have I done to deserve an acne infested face!?!?!?! I just want normal looking skin like EVERYONE else. I want to be able to go out and not be so self conscious about my skin. ARRRRRRRRRGH! I really do hope that accutane will do the trick. *fingers crossed*
    2. I use Proactive Religously atleast twice a day :)

      And I'm doing chemical peels :)

      1. On the border of your top lip............OUCH!
      2. I'm about to start accutane soon and i'm really worried after reading this
      3. Acne is ruining my life 10000000000% *sigh* hopefully accutane will do the trick!
      4. I've had it for 4yrs.........I'm 18 now. It was at its worst when I was 16. I was prescribed Duac gel and it cleared up 95% of the acne but i started to become immune to it so the acne slowly came back. I've started seeing a Dermatologist and he prescribed Accutane straight away, I've done all the tests and i'm waiting for the results. *fingers crossed*
      5. Usually its 'whats wrong with your face??? ' One of my mums friends suggested i use dettol on my face to get rid of the acne. Whats worse is when your talking to someone and instead of looking into your eyes theyre staring at your acne!!! - HOW RUDE!!
      6. I LOVE : * Juicy Couture- sweety/flowery scent. * Bvlgari , Jasmine Noir - Jasmine/vanilla.
      7. Hello!!! What have you tried?? E45 lotion is very good. Its perfume free & non greasy. Rose.
      8. Ooooooooooh i really hope this weight loss thing is true!!! I'll be starting accutane soon on 80mg/day.
      9. Good Luck!!!!!! ............I'll be starting in Jan
      10. Hello! I have mild-moderate acne and was prescribed accutane. I had tired differin,duac gel , tetracycline & dianette. I went to the derm and he looked at my skin under this blue light and said ........' oh its bad ' which was quite a confidence boost. The first thing he recommended was accutane instead of wasting time with other topicals/antibiotics. Try swtiching derms.