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  1. thanks. i tried vaseline last night and while it didnt help as much as aquaphor, it definately improved. I'll keep trying, hopefully without a reaction.
  2. 20 seems fine to start with, as your doc will probably up you to around 40mg/day in your 2nd or 3rd month. Generally, you want to be taking your body weight (in kg) a day. I weigh about 73 kilo's so I'm taking 80mg/day. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isotretinoin check out the link for useful information.
  3. also, 20mg is not that high of a dose so it may take longer. i was on 40mg/day to start. btw, the halflife of isotretinoin (the active ingredient) is 21hrs, so spacing it out does not matter much.
  4. hopefully you are a lucky one, but i doubt it. my dryness really started the 8th day. it was only lips at first.
  5. The inside of my nose is really dry causing it to bleed which gets very uncomfortable. I tried using aquaphor (because it worked AMAZINGLY on my lips) and it worked GREAT at fixing the drying, but I think I had an alergic reaction to it because I got all congested and sneezy the day after I used it inside my nose. I was wondering if using vaseline will have the same effect? I noticed the active ingrediant in aquaphor is petrolatum... is that just another name for petroleum jelly?
  6. Benzaclin never really worked for me either. It just seemed to stop things from getting too much worse.
  7. I'm about halfway into my 3rd month of accutane, 80mg a day. So far I've had problems with very dry lips, and about a week or two ago started applying vaseline very liberally many times a day. It helped A LOT... my lips are a lot smoother and do not dry out nearly as fast. However, recently (like within the last 5 days) the corners of my mouth where my lips meet together have been getting very cracked/dry. Its the kind where when you have your mouth closed, its fine, but when you open it it feel
  8. Low fat diet? You should at least have a normal-decent amount of fat with your meals (when you should be taking your pill). The isotretinoin in accutane is fat soluble and taking it with a meal containing a good amount of fat will double the amount of drug that goes into your system. I always try to make sure one component of my meals has a good amount of fat in it (milk, cheese, meat, etc)
  9. No by same situation I mean I am also on my second course. Sorry for the confusing.
  10. I know its bad to be taking increased amounts of vitamin A while on accutane, but I'm wondering exactly how much is bad for your condition / side effects? I'm not talking about suplements, but say having a meal thats high in vitamin A. A restaurant (Chipotle) by me has the best burritos around... but the Vitamin A content is 108% of my daily requirement (according to the nutrition facts). Is this detrimental to my treatment / body? I'm not talking about having this every day, but will once in a
  11. I am pretty much in your situation. I did the first course, now I'm on my second... about a week into my third month. To answer your question, (at least in my case) there was another initial breakout. I started the 2nd course with a little over mild acne (cysts were my main problem, though only one or two of them) and around the 8th day I started breaking out. The breakout was not horrible, but definatly a worsening of condition from my previous state. If I had to estimate, I'd say my condition
  12. I'm on about my 3rd month now of Sotret (just starting the 3rd month). The first month I was on 40mg/day, second month was 60mg/day, and now im at my final increased amount of 80mg/day. This is my second course of accutane. The first course worked well and lasted a good year - year and a half, but slowly and gradually the acne came back. I eventually got fed up with it and decided to just suffer through another course. The first time I took accutane, I had moderate acne. This time, I'd say i
  13. Okay... thanks for the replys all. I'm switching over to Vaseline again... I'll use it more frequently and longer this time. Also, on a side question, which lip products are best for going out? Like... which are the most hidden / shine the least. Say if you were going out with friends or on a date or something and you didnt want to look like you were wearing lipgloss -_-...
  14. I mentioned in my first post that vaseline did not help me for the 3 or so days that I tried it. For those of you who swear by it, when do you apply it and how long did it take for you to notice improvement? When I did it, I used it at night only for 3 days straight, and then gave up.
  15. For those of you who used the Aquafor... does it make your lips better, or just soothe them while its on... I'd really like something that actually helps them heal and not wear off in 5 minutes.