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  1. Its nice to know that I'm not the only one with Forehead acne. I have bangs to cover it up, but I know its not helping at all. Anyways, I use Neutrogena On the Spot Acne Treatment and it seems to be going great.
  2. What do Acne Scars Look Like and What do Hyperpigmentation Marks look like? I have brown/red spots in my forehead and I do not know if they are scars or not.
  3. Thanks. Im not using too little in my skin? Also what is a toner?
  4. I use: Basis Bar Soap - Morning and Night Cetaphyl Mosturizing Lotion - Morning and night And Neutrogena On the Spot Acne treatment (Nights Only) Is this a good procedure? Or should I use different products morning and night?
  5. Im kind of scared. Recently, I have found out that BP causes a risk of cancer. Is this true? Should I stop Using BP products? If so, What products can I use instead? I only have Acne in my forehead and all thats left is discoloring. ( The mark that acne leaves. )
  6. What if im just washing my face with soap and water, and a pimple started bleeding? Is that considered popping it? Will it leave scars? What DOES a scar look like? Is it like a darker color on your skin? Because all my past pimples have left a darker mark on my skin.
  7. Is it at walgreens or CVS or something? Cause I cant buy it from the internet. -__- No credit Card.