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  1. I am using Biotene, although I believe it contains flouride. Any without both flouride and SLS??
  2. I have experienced breakouts when going off B5, mainly cuz it dried out my skin real nice, making the acne go away. When I came off it, after about 2 weeks, my oil production came back to normal and I started breaking out again. It worked great for me when I used it though, and have gone back to it, although it doesn't seem as effective lately. So basically the results of coming off B5 was just what I had before I went on it, nothing different really, just crappy breakouts.
  3. I've taken 50mg zinc for a while and never really seen any good or bad effects on my skin. I take it in hopes of having it help my body heal quicker. Anyhow, though I dont think I have ever broken out from it, I know I was getting MAJOR breakouts when I took an optizinc supplement. It had copper to balance out the zinc, but that played havoc on my skin, and when I finally made that connection, I stopped taking it and went back to just straight zinc without any adverse results, so I tend to ag
  4. I've heard bad things about the GNC brand of B5. I'd try taking another brand and see if you get any results after about 2-3 weeks.
  5. Overheating and always feeling warm/hot happens to me a lot, and I really think it contributes to my acne as well. I try to splash cold water on my face frequently, but lately I still get really warm and even get bloody noses due to overheating. Anyone know of any foods or herbs/vitamins or any methods for lowing body temperature or being able to not feel like my body is overheating so much?
  6. It takes about 2 weeks for me to see noticeable results. Dosages don't have to be at the exact same time every day. I have missed a day or two of not taking any and been fine. Just take it through the day at whatever times you can and you'll be fine.
  7. Im sorry that your breaking out and B5 isn't seeming to work for ya yet. Are you taking any other supplements beside B5? What does you diet consist of lately? I recently went back on B5 because I was breaking out terribly, but it wasn't seeming to work for some reason. It had always worked in the past and I thought maybe I had become immune to the effects or something. The oiliness on my face never seemed to subside like it did before when I took B5. I couldn't come up with an explanation
  8. Yes, thats what prevented my acne from coming back while on B5. The oil decreased a ton after being on it for about 2 weeks. It also took about 2 weeks for all the oil and zits to come back when I went off it....so if you ever go off it and thing your acne is gone for good, give it a few weeks to really see.
  9. I have had long-term results with B5 and never taking 10+ grams of it. The most I ever took was 8g/day, 2g-4 times in the day. I only did this when I tried it for the first time. If I went off it and then went back on it I only took 6g/day and it worked fine. From there, I kept trying to take less and less and went as low as 2g/day without having the effect wear off, so I think it will still work for ya at 6-8g/day.
  10. You would think all B5 is the same, but I have heard that some brands are better than others, probably due to quality of the B5 in em. The only one I recall as people complaining about was GNC brand. I personally use the NOW brand and find it works good, so i've stuck with it. So it might matter about the brand, but I wouldnt worry too much about it.
  11. Quick question for all you brocco-heads. (I'm soon to be one too ). Did you have oily faces and has the broccoli taken down the oiliness. Also, did you seem to have higher than normal body temperature (easily sweat without even exercising, blushing, or just felt kinda warm always, etc), and has the broccoli helped this? Thanks.
  12. When I take B5, I do like to supplement with other things. When I first tried B5 though, I only used B5 in order to isolate it and its results. It worked great and so just out of trying to maintain better health, I would add in some zinc supplements and/or omega 3 ones as well. I really didn't notice any difference, as B5 took care of things, but I may have had some little breakouts when I ran out of the zinc or omega 3 stuff and didn't bother taking more. I would get the occasionally zit ar
  13. B5 has been the only thing that worked for me, other than accutance, and I just started going on it again due to major breakouts. 10 grams is a lot in my opinion, and 20 is just crazy to me, though. Most I ever took was 8 grams, when I first tried taking B5, and then I actually worked my way down to 1-2 grams per day. I don't think any dose over 8-10 grams really will have any benefit to you, as B5 is water soluable anyhow. Just my 2 cents though. B5 isn't too cheap, when we take as much as
  14. I have been on B5 for around 2+ years and it has been the only thing since accutane to do any good. Recently though, it seemed to not be as effective anymore, as my skin was getting more oily again. I originally started taking 8g a day and reduced it to around 4g/day and even got as low as 500mg/day. I figured since it wasn't working so well, to get off it for a while and try other things and then start back up again. I have currently been off it now for about a month. I have tried other th