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  1. That cracked me up :lol: but yeah I feel your pain. My acne seems to be getting worse at age 21 then it was at 16 and 17. I know right? So much for "growing out of it." I really feel like I more "growing in" to a life of ugly skin.
  2. Thanks a bunch. I think this is what I hate the most about acne: That if I want to do something to make it better, 10 out 10 times it requires that my acne gets worse first. Which sucks, because I have done a million things at this point that have "made it worse before it got better,"....only ya know, it doesn't really stay better for long.
  3. So in yet another attempt to rid my face of acne, I started the Candida Diet around two months ago and started supplementing myself with some vitamins and minerals. I have completely cut all dairy, refined grains, processed sugars (I still eat fruit), and vegetable oil from my diet. I rarely eat anything unless I have made it myself and I know exactly what it is in. I also take: Lechtin, Vitamin A, B-Complex, Zinc, and Vitamin E. PLUS Udo's Oil Omega 3-6-9. MY QUESTION IS THIS: Does anyone k
  4. So I am 23 years old and my acne just keeps getting worse. I remember being sixteen and thinking a few zits was the end of the world, but now here I am and I cannot believe the things I have growing on my skin. I have to go back home soon for Christmas and I seriously think my friends and family will be shocked. Tell me why I am the only one in my family of 5 with this horrible affliction? I love to hear my sister bitch about the 1 zit she gets every now and then on her beautiful, creamy face