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  1. Here's a good test. If your marks are more skin-toned, it's probably hyperpigmentation. Pigmentation is what darkens skin tone. skin tone is not red. Push on your redmark. See how it becomes light for a brief moment but then the redness returns? You're pushing those blood vessels away and then they're filling again. If your marks get darker with your skin, then it is hyperpigmention. If not, they're macules (left over blood vessels). try puredeming.com's 40% lactic acid, it's quite mild an
  2. jsbee

    Zinc Cream

    nice, I used to crush up zinc and put it in a facial mask I used to make. It does help. Just make sure you arent cloggin pores.
  3. I started getting acne when I was 13, was at it's worst when I Was 15 and slowly descended in severity since then. I had moderate acne at worst, however, due to my extremely fair skin, EVERY pimple I had would leave a redmark, without fail. I bet at one time I had around 30-50 redmarks on my face. Now I'm down to 10 minor ones if that, plus they heal faster now. Here's what I discovered over the years. this is advice for EVERYONE, it shouldn't be detrimental to your skin. Be mindful and as
  4. I think I'm going to order some of this, and I'm going to help all of you out becuase this Acne Eraser is a scam and these guys are making money off advertisting. If you notice, they add NO list of ingredients anywhere on the site, that's because all this shit is is pure Lactoferrin, which you can buy in larger ammounts elsewhere for cheaper. For the love of god don't buy it off the site, either buy it off bodybuilding.com (it's much cheaper and they have FAST shipping, I can attest), or go
  5. TRy to get one that is as mild as possible. You don't really need any sort of alcohol in it, just as long as you got some glycolic acid and whatnot. Combined with a wash this should work just fine.
  6. Just letting everyone know, this product contains notoriously comodogenic materials, it clogged my pores and made me break out after a single applicaiton. If you do use it, spot treat only. It may or may not clog your pores, just a warning...
  7. This is stupid. I'm sorry man, it's cool that you're sharing what worked for you, but don't call this a "cure" Look how many people have read your topic. Over 1000. Quit giving a false hope. As for me, nothing at all would cure my body acne until I started getting more sun and even HITTING THE TANNING BOOTH TWICE A WEEK. Now that I haven't gotten exposure for awhile, I'm getting a few breakouts on my chest. the EXACT opposite of what worked for you. UV rays kill the shit out of bacteria, but
  8. If I don't moisturize my dry skin will it turn in to dead skin? Thus risk of more acne?
  9. Hm, I'll try this out since its cheap. If the herbal logix doesn't work..
  10. Man, if you think acne has fucked you over in life. Just look at Vietnam vets who came home to a country that hated them with no legs, no house, no job, no friends, and no sense of dignity or love at all. At least you seem to have a mother that loves you, some people that actually don't care that you have acne. You got invited ro a party right? Well go and have a good time man.
  11. Hey man, I get just like you when I get a breakout. You look awesome in that vacation pic. This is JUST A BREAKOUT. When I'm washing to routine and doing everything perfect I get a motherfucking breakout from nowhere, I'm sure that's just what happened. So just take it easy for now, keep on going man, you're a good looking dude. And since you're at that age you're at, I wouldn't look foward to too much more acne. I bet in a few weeks you'll be back to your vacation-like status. Also, dude, ju
  12. I use this in place of the blackhead clearing scrub for botchlas regimen. Anyone think that's ok? I think the stuff works pretty good. It has a lot more ingredients than most SA washes.