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  1. You're skin is going to look great when you are finished! Don't worry!
  2. I never get on here anymore, so I didn't see these comments until today :/ for anyone just seeing this.. I did not have any procedures done. Accutane just did wonders also.. for anyone who is worried about *future* pregnancies... (because of the risk of becoming pregnant WHILE on accutane) I finish my cycle of accutane in April 2009 and became pregnant in October of 2009. In July 2010 I gave birth to a PERFECTLY healthy baby boy. I was so worried my entire pregnancy that because of taking
  3. These are pix after the medication.. my skin is clear and beautiful again and i've been off tane for 9 months!
  4. your skin definately looks great! was this taken after accutane? how bad was it before?
  5. happened to me too :/ ... i also have white blotches on my upper arms now and my back which are patches of dry skin... sound familiar to anyone else? .. anyway... i use baby oil IN the shower after i wash and it seems to help a little... good luck hun
  6. ReadyForClearSkin

    My scars

    hey. you're so pretty! i'll have scars too when accutane is over and luckily i already know a good doc who works with microderms and laser treatment. you said you don't know what to expect but i actually had three seperate laser treaments FOR my acne when it was live. but i imagine it's the same deal on scars. If you end up getting laser treatments for it it'll prolly be around three or four... they have to be like six weeks apart or something. it doesnt take very long.... bout fifteen minutes a
  7. These were pictures taken right before I started my course. Not very flattering, and rather embarrasing but hopefully in a few months I will be able to post pictures of improvements.