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  1. Well I could only repeat what this guy has said ^ However, I was terrified, I was prescribed 60mg a day in May, aged 13. Derm said I was the youngest patient he'd ever prescribed it too and my dad went on it when he was younger and got the worst of it, depression and everything. My cousin also went through depression while on them. However, the only side effects I have had are dry lips and skin (which is a pretty much 99.99999% chacne that your gonna get them) and a few headaches and woozy s
  2. Well I drink a lot of water, I've cut back on fizzy drinks (I rarely have any now) but I'm a bit of a chocoholic :redface: although I do go out a lot, just with friends to the park and stuff and yeah 60mg a day, three tablets with my morning meal and I suppose, my dad was one of the first people in Britain to be prescribed roaccutane though, he was prescribed in like 1979? And it took him four, four months courses, so a total of 16 months on 60mg a day, surely it won't take that long for me?
  3. Hey guys, I don't really post here much but I could really do with some support right now :-/ I started taking three 20mg tablets of Roaccutane (accutane for you American's) on Saturday May 15th. It's now Saturday August 7th, so my twelve week mark. I've only got four weeks of the course left and I'm a bit dissapointed. I turned 14 in June, so I was prescribed the drugs when I was 13, and the derm said I was the youngest patient he had ever given the tablets too. Anyway, the acne on my back ha
  4. Hi everybody, I only just signed up so here's my problem Im twelve years old I will be 13 on June 18. I've had acne since last year and the doctor prescribed Differin Gel last monday, it was fine the first few days but my skin now becomes really tight and dry and peels when I put it on, I was wondering can I put vaseline or moisturiser on before or after the gel to loosten up my face and stop the hurting when I speak and stuff! Thanks!!