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  1. the derma-e thing im using has tea tree oil and a bunch of other things i think its good? theres also a tea tree antiseptic one but im not sure about that yet. sigh. acne sucks!
  2. hiiiiiii i need some serious help still. i have strangers commenting on my acne, and on how horrible i look etc. its been awful. people are randomly giving me names of their doctors and offering me free creams etc (its horrrrrrible) i just started this now i guess but can anyone give me some advice morning spectrojel (purple one) acv toner (not diluted..doesnt irritate my skin) no moisturizer? my skins oily cover fx makeup (cream or natural) night spectrojel steamer machine?? acv toner derm
  3. i freaking hate moisturizers~!!!!!!!! my skin is getting so much more calm since i stopped using moisturizers (or primers) - and then i think "but they say i NEEED to moisturizer" and every time i do every single pimple on my face erupts. i've tried honestly at least 30 different moisturizers, its insane. i feel lke throwing them all away i hate moisturizers! haha i use dermalogica cleanser, acv toner and makeup. PERIOD! at night i use the same cleanser, acv toner and dermalogica overnight cl
  4. Hello My name is Margaret Jones I am new to this site but I Think I may have a product you might like to try I sell Avon and we have a system that is better than proactive and is a 3 step program to get the clear healthy skin you are looking for I have ordered one for myself and so far it is working great check out my online store and give it a whirl www.youravon.com/mjones0432

    1. Hey...i dont know what to do ... i stayed home today to give my face a break from makeup as it seems i have at least 8 cyst like pimples on the right side of my face, i also have my period so i hope that accounts for some ? i dont know. my left side *knock on wood* is fine ... im not sure whats fuked up in my body that the right side looks like this. its not a good idea for me to stay home i dont think b/c i literally sit in front of my mirror for too long staring, and getting depressed. to begi
    2. my right side is awful too ! its so wierd today i went to my mom and i was like "mom look at my face (the left side) !" and she was like "it looks great! everythings clear!" and then i was like "now look at this!" and i showed her the right side and she like gasped~! hahaha! its so strange. ive become anal and change my pillow case everyday, i part my hair in the middle and push it away from my face all day, i hold my phone so far from my face that anyone i talk to complains...its so strange. i
    3. hey!!!!!! i read this post and i am going thru the exact same thing---we even started the same night actually! and yesterday i aws out with my bf and looked in the mirror eventually and saw how my face looked (i wear makeup too so it looked more disgusting!!) and i almost started crying and left hahahahhaa!! anyways though i still used the bp last night because im scared to nbot...and this morning my skin is dry over my entire face... even my cheeks?? so i dont know if i should use bp at all thi