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  1. yeah i'll make a new thread talking about how it all turns out. i have no idea what will happen but right now i'm just trying to relax a little and forget about all of this stress.
  2. lol, ur probaly right about others having acne, im not the type to notice. i will ask her out. when, i dont know. i'll keep updating tho b/c i might just go with ur advice. thnx
  3. since i live in canada i dont have to pay for my prescrption drugs (i love universal healthcare, america should try it sometime)
  4. Metamorphosis i had finally got rid of my acne. it felt great; free. All the pain I felt back in the ninth grade was gone now in gr. 10. Let's face it, im a teenager and not seeing a single person in my school with acne made me feel so isolated. in previous years i was overweight but i got into good shape by high school. Then the acne came, and so i have never had a girlfriend nor felt any amount of confidence. i do well in my classes, i have a great family... i would have been happy if it were
  5. i have had some serious breakouts in the last two weeks. the only thing different that i have been doing is using ACV for my red marks. I started about a week before the breakouts. Should I stop?
  6. what exactly are these laser treatments?
  7. the only side effects i get are really dry lips and back pain but nothing that would want to make me quit this stuff
  8. i know a girl with acne that i think is hot. i have no prob whatsoever.
  9. it is a cure in 80% of cases, for others if it does return it isnt as bad
  10. i hate my red marks on the cheeks, just when u think its gonna disappear a brand new breakout comes and ruins everything
  11. i got a bootleg copy, its a huge and complicated book about colon cleansing, vitamins, oils, minerals.... impossible to understand and even more impossible to do. Dont waste ur money on this.
  12. man, the nice guys are owning this poll. Strange how it doesnt seem to spill over into real life.