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  1. Hey ihateacne22, I hate acne too. Hear me out on this, please. I know you read every word on here like the gospel. And this is one you shouldn't overlook. The regimen. Seriously. Dan's regimen. It cleared me up. Been clear now for over a year. I had severe acne since I was 13 (I'm 22 now). I went on Accutane three times! Three times! Unfortunately I was one of the hapless few to not react to Accutane well (stayed clear for about 6 months each time, and it came back even wors
  2. Hello Acne.org community! It's been nearly 4 years since I last visited this site. For the past eight months, I've been using The Regimen. AND I'M CLEAR!!! I urge you to try The Regimen. It's no secret. It's just the best I've ever experienced. Seriously. (Obviously it's dependent on you, but) this stuff really works! I'm not paid by Dan, acne.org, or any third party vendor, etc etc. IT F***ING WORKS! I want you to be clear. So you can hear me out if you want. I'll tell my brie
  3. Hello past self. I am now a senior in college. USE THE REGIMEN! I've been on it since March 2013. Been about 8 months now and I've been clear like non other.
  4. Thank you Torquemonster for your help and feedback. I've encountered the same issue with oily skin. CP definitely driesd the skin, triggering the sebaceous glands to react. I've been using it since the summertime, and it doesn't really work. I just had a huge breakout on my left cheek, and I'm going to be starting a strict regimine from here on with a few changes: Morning: -Wash face with PanOxyl 10% BP -Apply CP Midday -Workout -Rinse face -Apply Pad with Salicylic Acid -Mult
  5. I have two questions about CP. You can skip over the little anecdote I've provided in italics. I have been using Clindamycin Phospate topical lotion now for over 3 months now. My skin has been consistently moderate. Sometimes it clears up well for several days. Sometimes it gets a little worse than moderate. How I've been using it has also been consistent for quite some time now: Morning: -PanOxyl 10% BP facewash -Apply Clindamycin Phospate to clean, dry skin -wait several
  6. BUMP It's been nearly six months now. I don't expect to be clear; my breakouts have lessened slightly since one month ago. Still though, how can I avoid any more breakouts six months in on Tazorac? Thank you.
  7. How do I change this? My acne is definitely better, but I am still breaking out. On top of that, I have my first cyst on my left cheek in months. Any advice?
  8. Your signature made me smile!

  9. I am just past week 6, and I am seeing consistent breakouts. The breakouts stopped for a bit at the beginning of week 6, but they are back up and running. I hope to start seeing improvement. I am not worried too much though, because I have gone through all of this IB before with Accutane..twice. And I know now that all of these pesky breakouts mean that THE MEDICATION IS WORKING (not working against me). Miracle, any luck after month 3, or did you stop?
  10. How has the Tazorac helped you?? I am just now starting my second week and seeing some breakouts, but I'm not worried because a lot of breakouts are clearing up.
  11. And to combat the oily skin--and dry skin for that matter--make sure to always MOISTURIZE. I use Cetaphil. It's a great product for all skin types. Oily skin occurs when our sebaceous glands sense that our skin is too dry. So if your skin is moisturized, then you won't see a bunch of sebum and oil on your face, and consequently you will see less breakouts..hopefully. Moisturizing will also obviously help with dry skin.
  12. For the antibiotic (Doryx/Doxycycline), one must wait two hours before and after to take multivitamins. For the topical gel/cream, I doubt--however I am only making an educated guess--that consumed vitamins will make an effect either way. Only my opinion though.
  13. Take a deep breath. Play some of your favorite music. Find your happy place. And read this: You're 17? Ok. It all started when you were 14? Ok. It sounds like your acne--from just those bits of information--is hormonal and completely due to puberty. For me, acne started when I was 13. I am now 19, and I still have acne. At first I completely was dumbfounded, but after nearly 7 years of acne now (although I haven't had acne nonstop, there were moments of clarity), I have realized that
  14. I have the same exact question. Here's my post: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Emu-Oil-T...ac-t286364.html As I have read up, which you should do, emu oil is entirely non-comedogenic, so it won't clog your pores. So I researched it; it sounds legitimate. It also makes sense to use in conjunction with Tazorac. Apparently it helps with irritation, redness, and the acne itself in addition to fading scars and wrinkles (just like Tazorac--win-win). I have only been on Tazorac and Doxycyclin