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  1. yeh. i do see what you mean bout it being worst off than when you started. does the bp not irritate you?? like it doesnt sting or nething? cos maybe ur actually allergic to it. im not sure. im suprised u stuck it out so long. damn, this is what i hate bout it. i mean even if some ppl stick with the regimen for so long, it still might not work. ive got my cous' wedding to go to in april and i really want to be clear then. well, at least clearer. neway, hope things work out for you.
  2. thanx guys. im using 1 1/4 finger at the mo. i will goto 2 full finger by end of 4 weeks. gonna stick it out as nothing else ever helped me. if this dont work, really..what is there for me to do. i still remember back in march, when for some reason, my acne all cleared up. i mean, i was literally almost clear, but still with shit loadsa scarring left from over the 4 years of acne. but man, i really thought that it was finally the end of acne for me. but then it came back again. really dunno why
  3. ok. so im almost 3 weeks in. not to good tbh. ive got so much more acne now. and they are the big nodule types, AND they all clump together to form even bigger ones. i mean i have like 3 sets of big ones which consists of like 2-5 big nodules. But anyway, im still gonna stick it out. i mean, i really hope this will work in the end. i really really have nothin else to turn to if this dont work for me. i havent even been out for the past few days. i cant even be arsed to walk out the house now. li
  4. everthing was going well the first week. it was getting better day by day, apart from the clogged pores. i mean, since i started the regimen, ive been getting more and more clogged pores. they look like bumps on the skin, and wen u squeeze them, strings of white stuff comes out. sometimes as long as 1cm. and the pores on my nose are filled with so much crap. i mean, even if i dnt squeeze them, theyre overload so the stuff comes out on the service neways. why am i getting these? im using dans bp
  5. im in the same boat as you. i mean, b4 i started the regimen, i had quite alot of black heads and stuff on my nose, and wen u squeezed them, well, black heads wouold come out. but now that ive been on the regimen for 2 weeks, im getting so much more clogged pores. the pores on my nose are just full of stuff, i mean, i barely squeeze them and loadsa of stuff comes out. like strings of white stuff. unlike the black heads that i had b4 regimen. i also get lots of these around lower half of my face.
  6. wow. thats pretty cool. i wish there was a treatment for acne like this. take a photo, sort it all out on the comp,. then ur acne will be all gone. damn, why cant sum1 make that.
  7. on wednesday night, i started the regimen. The next morning, which was Thursday, i woke up with like 3 big ass spots around my mouth, and 2 not so big, but still pretty damn hefty, near my jawline. i carried on applying bp and now, saturday morning, those spots have pretty much or dried out and flattened down. Its the quickest ive seen these kinda spots heal on me. hella fast. Also, since ive started the regimen, ive been drinking alot more water than i used to. b4, i would only really drink 3-4
  8. damn, if not UK then i guess hong kong is a No No too then. lol. but neways, i hope the trial period gets over and done with asap. cos i cant wait to get my hands on some. If Dan say its the best hes tried, and plus the moisturizer is as good as eucerin without the oily feel, man i cant wait.
  9. You know that u spose to put a lil less moisturizer than BP on your face, cud you put more moisturizer than bp?? i mean, im guessing that if u moisturize enough, your skin shouldnt dry up right??
  10. grats mate. im glad u no longer have to feel like an acne sufferer. i wish i felt the same way as you do. its been a month already?? so just been washing wiht plain water for a month really paid off then.
  11. yeh. go for it bedrock. let us know how it goes. there seems to be quite alot of posts about washing with just plain water these few days. give it a go. i might give it a go depending on how u guys find it. gluck
  12. ^ that just makes me even more unsure. i mean, apart from u Wolfkeeper, the other members who tried this havent really had big success. well, apart from biochembabe, but she had minor acne to start with. but i have quite alot, well, alot. just not cystics or hard painful nodules. i didnt invest in this the first time i heard bout it, which was mid last yr or so, cos not many ppl on this forum seems to give it good cred. i mean even B24K stuck with it for 3 months but didnt get gud results. may
  13. AH wot!!! i ordered the new gel yesterday or the day b4. does that mean im gonna get the old batch!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! and i need them pretty quick too cos i havent got much left in my old tube.
  14. Yeh. ive had similar probs the first time i tried the regimen. partly the reason i quit the first time round. but if we see like a summary of ppl who had similar experiences, and compared those who quit against those who carried on and with what results. then maybe it will encourage ppl to stick with it and kno that it will work.
  15. lol. dnt worry bout it elle. its not really that rude is it?? between me and my friends, we must call each other stupid like 10s of times a day. lol. and i bet if it was in real life, she wuda still said "are u stupid?", cos i wuda. lol. but yeh, i used to ice my face after washing, and i noticed that it seemed to help with healing my spots faster. plus, i think it just kinda works as a toner. like it helps close the pores after they open wen washing with warm water. i dunno. i kinda thought of