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  1. nope, Im taking those, as long as you take the zinc with food cause if you take it without food it will upset your stomach your fine. I take flaxseed oil twice a day, in the morning and at night, I take vitamin C and E twice a day, Vit A once a day and Chromium once a day! Flaxseed oil, in the oil form is amazing!!! and it works in a matter of days.....also zinc is great too!
  2. you can also put the oil on your skin, I saw this you tube video of this guy that had severe sun damaged and it made his skin look almost like a babies skin again. Pretty incredible, you have to use it everyday, and be consistent.
  3. So I started taking Zinc 2 a day, chromium once a day and I read online and on this forum the great reviews about Flaxssed oil. So I take 2 teaspoons 2 a day....and all I can say is wow! Its amazing how quickly this stuff works, my skin looks amazing! I was gonna try the capsules but I read the oil is btter and it doesnt taste that bad if you brink something right after it. I got a bottle for $10.00 at my local grocery store, so that cheap as well, or you can buy the seeds and grind them up and
  4. No I dont Im also taking this drink daily with vitamin C (833%), vitamin A, D, E and K, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6,Biotin, Panthothenic acid, calcium, magnesium, zinc (100%), selenium, copper, manganese, chronium and pottasium. I also take fish capsules, fiber so I could flush out impurities without a problem and Ive done 2 liver cleanses. I also drink 10 cups of water daily and one with lemon. It helped alot because I went from severe to mild. After trying Murad my acne went to a
  5. Are you eating junk food or lots of diary? That might be what is causing you to break out. Also maybe try taking zinc everyday, it boosts your immune system alot and helps with acne greatly.
  6. hey, i tried using it as an astringent for awhile, i didnt see any difference, and the smell is pretty strong so i gave up after a month or so.... everything works differently for everyone, so its worth a shot almost always when you use a new product, you will get a purging process. It is cleaning out your pores deep downa nd bringing them to the surface.
  7. yeah definitely always always mosturize, also maybe only use it at night? you can also add a few drops of water into teh ACV which will make it less harsh when you put it on ur skin
  8. I was wondering can you pre-make the mask and leave it in the fridge to last a few days or does it have to be fresh everytime?
  9. Cause it has the same effect as Glycolic does for your skin, it takes the surface skin completely off. Its amazing once you feel your skin afterwards. I use unpasterized, raw honey.
  10. I recently had to take medication that made me break out...So I had tried everything like everyone else. Proactive, Clean and clear, Neutragena..ACV, accutane, etc..but nothing got me clear until I tried this 2 step program. For the first couple days I did the asprin mask twice a day and the other mask once a day at night time ASPRIN MASK 4-5 uncoated asprin you can mix it with anything like yogurt, water..I use a soy scrub I found at the dollar store. It helps it stay on and soy is goof for
  11. The egg white mask you just put all over your face leave on for at least 15 minutes, I do about 20-30 then rinse, same with the yolk mask... I do the peroxide now every other day the honey is amazing, its fading the red marks so quickly, u leave on for about 20 minutes...then wash off..honey (raw) has properties that kill bacteria...
  12. I also read that Peroxide is good too..just dab some on a cotton ball, apply to area that has scars once a day
  13. Ok so I have used acne free, all over the counter products, herbal pills, proactive....some have worked better then others....I was only breaking out a few pimples at a time but had red marks left on my cheeks mostly from old pimples...that just wouldnt fade...so I did research.... 1. Egg whites are amazing to tighten pores..you can feel immediate results and feels like you just got a facial done. 2. egg yolks- filled with lots of vitamin A that helps fade old red scars 3. Asprin mask with le
  14. So I had posted awhile ago stating I had tried B5 with goo dresults but then I broke up badly and it had to many side effects. So I did research online and found out that the liver, it is is being over worked with removing toxins, the only other way the toxics can be removed from the body is the skin. That is why I kept breaking out no matter what I tried. I would have results with different products but not long lasting. SO: I started taking a multi vitamin, B6, Beta Caratene, Dandelion root,