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  1. You're looking into everything too much just step back and go with the flow. If you say something stupid just quickly move on and forget about it. Theres nothing wrong with asking if you're a good kisser and theres nothing wrong with wanting to improve. You just need to relax more and run with it because if you feel unconfterble it could rub off and then you would just have awkwardness
  2. To be honest all the girl's that i have seen here are all attractive anyway i was quite suprised by that but it's true.
  3. What's wrong with fat people ? I doubt either girl will win the Show so it does not matter in what order they fall.
  4. I deleted your post because i don't want to see your face.

    Listen i am sure you are a midget

    and i am also sure that i could put you to sleep.

    Go roid up and suck some cock or something

    im done with you.

    BTW I owned you many times over. You're just too stupid to know it.

    1. I did respond but my post was deleted. I never once said that i was a body bulider or a steroid user.

      You might be bigger than me

      but id still knock you out in my sleep.

      1. If you never have to see the girl again then it does not matter if you get rejected Everybody gets rejected sometimes. Just dust yourself off and move on to the next. If you never ask then you will never know.
      2. You should ditch MMA and take up Boxing isnt Boxing big in The Philippines now ?
      3. I am not on accutane but my jaw is fucked I don't know if its bone or muscular It does not hurt but it's stiff and it clicks a lot when i open my mouth it's more annoying than anything. I should get it looked at some time.
      4. Eyes wide shut :) Another great Cruise film. I don't know what to say to you to be honest nothing you said really made any sense to me. You had a girl that was happy to have sex with you but she did not want to talk about her feelings and for some reason you didnt like that :think: sounds like you had it made.
      5. WTF :doh: You want a girl so you can talk about passion and feelings I don't know what to say about that. Maybe it's a man you should be looking for :eh:
      6. When i was a teenager i used to skip school all the time. I watched TV and slept most of the day just like you Looking back though i wish i went to school more and did better. Worked hard and got good grades you will regret it later in life. I did have fun skipping school don't get me wrong and i did not skip because of my skin (even though it was bad) i was just lazy and thought that i knew enough. You should go back to school get your head down and work hard because the harder you work n
      7. It would be more sad if you pissed on your face and nothing happend Can't say i have tryed this but if it's working for you then fair enough i hear cum is good for your skin too
      8. I am like you I don't really have that many friends but it has never bothered me. I know that if i wanted to make friends then i could but i would rather spend my time watching a movie, working out going on the internet or playing video games. I'm happy with that. If i wasnt then i wouldn't do it
      9. girls do u over look acne in guys Not many people here will say no even if that's the way they really feel. Remember that most/all the girls here have or have had acne so they will be more understanding of course.