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  1. the reason is very simply... money.. there is millions if not billions spent every year on OTC products.. can you imagine the hit companies like neutrogena or j+j would take if a complete simple 100% cure was released... the profit is in the medicine..not in the cure.
  2. thanks jalrus.. i will head out this week and get me some of that.. in the meantime i will switch back to just the bp cleanser (i usually just do once a day as it is very harsh).. you're right.. i am very sceptical of neutrogena.. i've never had any luck at all with any of their line.. however.. i really like the idea of a 3.5% strength.. the one neutrogena line i do like is the on the spot bp cream.. the 2.5%.. i find it great for individual spot treating.. looking forward to giving this a try.
  3. i cant read this topic without the chappelle r kelly song playing in my head! "i sip crys.. you drink piss!"
  4. i turned 30 this year.. i can still remember when i got my acne at 16.. i can just hear my mom saying "its just a phase.. it'll be gone in a few years.. like your sisters was"... i was just thinking this morning... i forget whats its like to _not_ have acne.. that sounds horrible but its true.. i guess after 14 years your routine just becomes "the norm".. and putting on your topicals etc.. seems as normal as eating or brushing your teeth.. i cant imagine not doing it at this point.
  5. hey all. well its been a long long time since i posted. things have been hectic but i'm back in need of some advice. i started botchlas in august.. started off with an initial breakout then gradually got better... never really got to the 100% clear i had hoped for but was very pleased with initial results.. it was tough the last month or so because winter has arrived and my skin was getting VERY dry.. (was using the sa and bp morning and night). however, in the last 3 or 4 weeks i've started bre
  6. whats weird for me is.. even tho my skin is 1000 times better than when i was younger.. sometimes i find it hard to talk to people by looking straight at them.. i know when i was really bad.. i did this all the time.. i never made eye contact with people..but even to this day..when i meet someone new i find myself looking above, or below them and not at them.. i have a hard time talking to someone with eye contact.. even if i believe i'm having a clear day.. i have to keep correcting myself.. d
  7. all over your face? what the hell are you doing whilst you brush your teeth?
  8. personally if they think stress can worsen acne, why the fuck cant we be prescribed weed?!
  9. the new grand theft auto is coming out next month.. need i say more?
  10. mine came within the first 48 hours and lasted 4 or 5 days. its day 13 and i still consider this the best regime i've tried. last couple of days i have been really dry..so again i'm going to cut back on amounts used.. i keep fluctuating depending on how dry i am. still going strong and still knocking on wood..
  11. dude if i was local, i'd just chill with you and smoke a big fatty with you nightly whilst i kicked your ass at madden or something, until all this passes, and it will. you have gained what i call skin perfection disorder.. its the same thing i (and most other ppl here probaby) have. based on the fact that you've spent so long analyzing every nook and cranny of your own skin, it will always appear 10 times worse to you than anyone else who isnt paying that much attention to it. trust me, the bes
  12. dude it worries me that you did a search for injesting your own jism.
  13. anyone ever see that porno were they convince girls their jism is good for their skin so they can unload on their face? man that was a good one.
  14. to put it bluntly.. suicide is the cowards way out. either get up off the canvas and fight.. or stay down and let this thing beat you.. its that simple.