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  1. good luck. i will be attempting it myself shorty, as well. keep us posted.
  2. Well, I did give needling a go, and I will post pics shortly. One thing I can say, is that with this icepick, I can insert the needle all the way in, without applying much pressure. What does this mean?
  3. it doesn't work for acne scars...surprise! =/
  4. LOL, he/she does push TCA hard.
  5. excision, not sure what type, specifically. good luck.
  6. and does needling work for icepicks at all?
  7. what is a reputable place to buy 100% TCA from?
  8. there aren't really any alternative solutions to dealing with icepicks though, right? is TCA cross that dangerous? I could try on one scar.
  9. Heya guys, I have about 10 icepick scars, along with some rolling ones on my cheek. The attached pic shows 2x 1-2mm icepicks along my cheekbone. Would these scars be suited for TCA cross? The scarring on my other cheek is actually visible without closer inspection, but it doesn't belong in this thread. thanks in advance.
  10. Brawn, update please. Also, are you sure the immediate results aren't from swelling?
  11. what is a reputable place to buy TCA? thanks!
  12. those will fade. you're a pretty girl.
  13. what kind of applicator did you guys use? toothpick with only the tip coated in tca?
  14. does anyone have a link to the thread that explains how to perform TCA cross on ice-pick scars?
  15. doesn't grow out that far lol sometimes i could care less about them, other days i obsess...you know how it is.
  16. were you on accutane no, only applied AHA and took doxycycline (antibiotic) never used BP on your zits? ive heard of some people who were on doxy getting spontaneous scarring as well... hmm I do use BP now and then, however those 3 scars aren't from that or doxy. I had two cysts, which scarred, and one was enlarged from needling.