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  1. I would also like to emphasize taht I do not have any of the side effects I had experimenced in my other 2 courses. No dryness of lips, no back aches, etccc. I guess paleness is due to me staying indoors lol. Im scared to go out to get a tan though with sunscreen. I have some shine on my nose.....but that's about it... Can't really complain. =) I can pretty much eat whatever the hell I want and party hard and forget to wash my face and still not break out. But of course I try not to....
  2. Thought I'd post.....After 7 months, I've continued to be clear. I've dropped down to 10mg every third day, which is close to 20mg/week. I've been on this dose for about a month or so. All clear still....I took a blood test to test for liver function couple weeks ago for the first time......EVERYTHING is NORMAL. The funny thing is i've been so worried about it lately too cus i've been drinking way too muchh. But I've cut down and suprisingly my test results are pretty nomal, maybe even TOO norma
  3. Just wanted to do a long overdue update. It's been alil over 6 months. I'm still on a accutane...I've cut down to 10mg every other day which is about 5mg/day for the past 2 months or so. I've been clear for the past 2 months. I'm thinking of finishing up this month and then droppin to 10 mg every three days (~3.3 mg/day). I plan on doing the new dose for at least an additional 3 months or until I get a new pimple. Every thing is working really well.....no dry lips, very little back aches (comp
  4. Day: almost week 6 in a couple days 10mg/day cleared up for the most part. couple actives. redmarks. skin gettin paler very very gradually. still using BP. Will stop BP until I get like 5 days of no actives. Will continue with 10mg/day for at least a month more. Using lip balm alil more frequently.
  5. Day: I'm not really sure....I think around day 24-25. Went to 15 mg/day a week ago after my bad break out. 10 mg 1 day, 20 mg next day...etc..been clearing up alil bit....past couple days has been th emost stressful days of my lifee..Been smoking and drinking alott almost everyday. I'm going to see how my face plays out the next couple days.... If it's still smooth sailin.....I will drop down to 10 mg day.. Note to self: Need to quit heavy drinking and cigs .=(
  6. Day 17/18: 10mg/day Broke out alot yesterday. I've been heavy drinking/smoking and I am positive that this is the reason. My right side is horrible. I have about like 4-6 actives on the right side. I need to cut down on my heaving drinking. Man I'm hella pissed........a;lkdfafdjjfal;dsjf;lajsfs My lips are still dry....
  7. Ask your dermatologist about a low dosing of accutane (10mg/day or less). Might work.
  8. Day 13: 10mg/day Started using BP 5% to spot treat only. During my second course I used BP twice a day all over and I concluded that it helped significantly with Initial break outs. Eventually I think by the 3rd month I had leveled off and completely stopped BP. Only complaint with BP is the slower healing/and longer redmark lasting spots. So I'm really trying to limit myself on it. But other than that, it helps alot with actives.
  9. Keep updating. I'm doing a very similar experiment. Please check my log. =)
  10. One thing I did notice that was different than my previous courses where I was on 60mg/day ..... was my dry lips. Although I do have dry lips on this low-dosage course, my lips are not dry enough to be peeling. So Im still using lip balm once in a while, but not as often.
  11. This is more of a personal log if anything. But comments/opinions/questions are welcomed. After second course back in beginning of March, I was clear for couple months. Was using jojoba oil/TTO/ACV/Biore Shine Control everyday. Washed face with Almond Oil and Cetaphil. 3-4grams of Omega 3 per day. 50mg Zinc. Eventually my oiliness came back. Started breaking out around June-ish .. alittle bit at first, but eventually I couldn't bear it. Now I'm "putting myself" on a low dosage. Those who havn