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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. Lol the "favebook" was a typo, but I like what you've done with it Lapis. Thanks onefatalgoose. That is a good option, just post about things you're passionate about.
  2. If so and you're a recluse like me what do you add on facebook about your life? Are your facebook "friends" just people you met online? Do you add pics of yourself or just random stuff? Please share.
  3. Not sure if I want to do that yet, but for those willing to make that step wouldn't it be nice if they let people know here that they're looking for friends to talk to on a more private format, other than PMs here? What do you think.
  4. Dude i don't your career is the issue here. I think you need to make changes to your life before thinking about a career. Careers have a habit of swallowing people and they become very obsessed and subsequently unhappy. Just like someone getting obsessed with their acne. There really isn't any difference. I don't know why you are recluse but seems you are unhappy with that fact. Small changes can go a long way and you need to be comfortable with doing other things and meeting other people. Balan
  5. Artist/own design company As far as motivation, I try so hard but it's so hard when other life problems weight so much more than your desire to be good or succeed at something. What mind set do you need to have? The finish line? Ie if I make it this this this and that will happen?
  6. We've all heard the saying it's not what you know it's who you know. Even in real life people say networking is important. It is important as to what you may find out to help you along the way but also having people that you know doing the same as you will motivate you, encourage you that someone actually cares. But has anyone here had sucess doing it all on their own, I mean no friends, nights alone, no verbal motivation from anyone? I'm finding it hard and envy the people on facebook (yes) who
  7. I thought people didn't like me because of my bad skin, but now that i'm getting out there to actually sort my life out I find out my personality is just one that people do not easily jel with. People either think i'm too quiet, or fake, or rude or up myself there is no inbetween. Haha I give up And why the fuck are people so fricking rude on public transport or in general? You accidentally knock someones shoulder, for example, you have the audacity to apologize nicely, and they act like you ju
  8. And so the long spring/summer season begins...I HATE SUMMER!!!! Whose with me?
  9. I always link those moments straight back to my skin. I can still have them when my skin's clear but those feelings of awkwardness instantly make me think about my skin regardless. But it's just a feeling. Unless that awkwardness manifests itself in physical ways, nobody can actually see it. I think it's really easy to forget that sometimes if we get wrapped up in it. Even if there are physical signs, it doesn't have to be a big deal. I remember at a gig a couple of months ago, I ended up
  10. Quite down, not so much because of acne but because of a family event i was forced to go to social even where you are forced/expected to have fun and I realized how truly uncomfortable I am in social gatherings with new people, having to smile, chat and I feel so dirty. uh! made me sad i'm still at that stage. Having my corner seat at uni i can deal with, noone expects you to actually have fun while studying, but social events, i still have a lot of work to do.
  11. I've never gotten involved with valentines day either. Those "perfect" ppl better watch out. Attack of the Zombcnes (zombie + acne) coming their way soon. :P