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  1. Any SPF higher than 15 or 20 is essentially overkill and won't do anything more than SPF 15 or 20 to protect you from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Seriously, I can't quote the exact source, but I read in several places that SPF's of 30 and 45 don't do a damn thing more than 15 or 20, and I've never heard of 100, but if it's any more expensive than SPF 15 or 20 sunscreen, you're getting ripped off. The only thing better than wearing sunscreen is to get yourself a wide-brimmed hat, like a big str
  2. Great to hear, dermadude. I did CROSS with 50% TCA and saw good results. Did it about 2 weeks before Halloween last year. My last scab fell off on Halloween (how appropriate) and although most of the marks stayed red for a while, some of the scars I treated pretty much disappeared, and all of them improved. The healing process is slow, and the scab stage is hell, because for me, I treated about 8 - 10 spots all at once and looked like something out of a horror movie for a week and a half. But o
  3. Glad to hear it, Denise. I hope they continue to improve. ~Kat
  4. Holy hell, Pete! Ya can't see it? That side by side is almost scary in the likeness. LOL I agree with what someone said above^, you're a younger version. More like Harvey in his "Taxi Driver" days, or maybe the Harvey from "Reservoir Dogs." I think maybe there's a smidge of the guy that played Bernie in "Weekend at Bernie's", too. (Terry Kiser, is the actor's name.) Incidentally, I do this all the time. I'll be walking along somewhere and randomly point out people who look like movie stars
  5. Arya: I think it's best to start with the moderate strength products and work up, especially if you've recently taken Accutane, because from what I've read in doing my homework before I bought this Copper Peptide stuff, it's a baby-steps-type program. You can't go right to the strong stuff in hopes of taking a shortcut. And Accutane-weakened skin could react badly to the stronger products if they're not gradually introduced. I started with the CP Serum because it was a milder product compared
  6. Sue: DO NOT apply more to your face. It might take a day or two for you to see any changes, and the spots you crossed might look deeper, but you were already pretty aggressive with this treatment, so please wait and see. I think you'll most likely start to see some darkening or scabbing of the areas within a day or two, and then you'll see that doing another round would have been a bad idea. I did 50% TCA on several spots on my face, and believe me, one dip applied lightly onto the spots was en