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  1. Hi Tim I can empathize with you, it's so frustrating not being able to find something to clear up your acne after years of struggling. I've suffered from acne for 20 years and have used Roaccutane 4 times (I had my first course in 1989). For the first three times, whilst I was on Roaccutane, my acne cleared completely. I had the usual side effects, but nothing I couldn't live with. I've recently finished my fourth course (one month ago) and I'm currently acne free. After my previous course
  2. So does mine! It is originally designed for dry skin conditions to use either as a wash or a moisteriser. The reason it's so good is that it's water based, so for dry skin it hydrates and for oily skin, it cleanses without adding oil to your skin and doesn't contain harsh chemicals which irritate. Give it a whirl. Cheers Matthew
  3. Hi, Different things work for different people for sure. Glad you found something that works for you. I wouldn't recommend using hot water though, over the long term it won't do any favours for your blood capilliaries and can cause flushing of the face (a symptom of acne rosacea). Luke warm water is better for the long term (I'm an old git so know from bitter experience). Matthew
  4. Hi there My acne is under control at the moment but I've learned not to expect that to continue! I recently finished a course of Roaccutane which always works well for me but the acne returns after a while. You don't need to use the glycolic acid cleanser at all. I think it makes things worse in the long run. Think about it, it's an acid based cleanser, which will strip your skin of its natural oils, and encourage more oil to be produced. Causing more problems. I spent a load of money on
  5. I've used it for years and it is non greasy and doesn't block your pores. If that doesn't work for you, try aqueous cream, available in all pharmacies, which is a water based moisteriser. It's much overlooked but is superb. I use it every day and it doesn't cause acne (and I've suffered with very severe acne for 20 years). It's cheap too. Good luck. Matthew
  6. Hi, I've suffered from acne for 20 years so have a fair bit of experience when it comes to the balancing act of shaving with acne. Firstly, have you tried an electric razor? I've seen many, many dermatologists over the last two decades and the overriding advice is to dry shave with an electric razor. A wet blade will, no matter how hard you try, make some tiny, tiny incisions in your skin, without you knowing it. These small cuts (they're not visible and you won't see blood) allow bacteria t
  7. Hi, I've used that moisteriser for a long time and it is very very good with Dan's BP and will not block your pores. It's the best moisteriser in my opinion, but expensive. Good luck.