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  1. I always seemed to get pimples after smoking cannabis, when I was doing that.
  2. I used to drink a lot of green tea. Never affected my acne at all, I think.
  3. Drink green tea! Contains caffeine, but in my opinion the effect feels more pleasant and "smoother" than the one from coffee. Tastes better too, I would say, and contains a lot of antioxidants. I haven't noticed any bad effects on my skin from it and I believe some people have reported it to actually help with acne.
  4. Just a thought... Cheese, like other dairy products, makes many people break out. Then pure whey itself shouldn't be much of a problem, since you separate basically all whey from the milk when you make cheese. Of course, totally pure whey is impossible to get ones hands on so I suppose there will always be a small amount left in the whey of whatever causes acne. Besides, whey itself stimulates insulin production, doesn't it?
  5. Minnym0use, you really should add a bit of healthy unsaturated fats to that diet. They are really important for the body. Anyway, since I stopped all dairy products I VERY rarely get pimples. I also don't eat fast carbs (which I didn't earlier either), but do eat pasta and dark bread. I don't even have to use evil BP anymore. I think there are enough people here that share my experience with diet and acne that it's safe to say that there definately is a link between the two.
  6. Or if you're in the US where you have 110V, you can buy the 150PAR/FL/B and perhaps 150PAR/FL/R, which are two much cheaper and probably stronger bulbs, from this site. Those lamps are sold as acne lamps on http://www.kaliszincolor.com/, but those people charge about twice the price! A few people on this site has bought the blue one, but I have only heard from one of them, and he said that it works good.
  7. Felicia, that connection is really interesting. May I ask how much yoghurt was in one carton?
  8. Tea tree oil is really toxic when consumed so never drink it! It's great when used pure (100%) as a spot treatment when you see a pimple starting to form. Don't use much of the 100% oil though, and only use 100% for spot treatment. If you're going to use it on your whole face you have to use it in a much less concentration. I haven't used green tea so can't comment on that.
  9. I wouldn't eat gluten free bread at all since it's really quick carbs and will spike your insulin levels, which among other bad things is believed by some to cause acne. I think the reason its glycemic index is so high is because the gluten protein acts like a glue between the carb molecules in regular flour. In gluten free products, where the glue is gone, the body doesn't have to "unglue" the carb molecules before absorbing them.
  10. Most light coloured beers contain only traces of gluten or no gluten at all. Most dark beers do contain gluten and overfermented beers like Guiness Stout can contain high amounts of gluten.
  11. I used HL for about three weeks and don't think it did anything for my red marks. Perhaps it contributed to a few new pimples though.
  12. I would say that for me, almost every spot leaves a mark while on BP.
  13. I was on this routine for about two weeks and don't think it did anything for my red marks. I only applied the egg mask every other day though. However, as opposed to being almost totally clear of active acne earlier, I got a few pimples while on this routine. So I won't stick to it any longer. I'm now going to ditch BP to see if my red marks will fade faster.