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  1. i did the same thing not wanted to go anywhere , i even painted my room brown bc it felt like my hole BUT at the same time i was hiding i was hurting all my friends bc i know they love me no matter what. and half the time other kids at school dont even notice that shit
  2. i'd tell acne that i strongly dislike him but then i would thank him for making me the stronger person that i am now bc i dont base everything on looks anymore
  3. this is what works for me, my mom and a few friends. I wash my face with Basis when i wake up, i dont wash my face in the shower, and i wasr it with basis at night. I'm on retin A Mirco and i'm on antibiotics ( both for my face and kidney, which was part of the reason i was breaking out bc my toxic waste was comin out in my pore bc my kidneys werent working) and i drink alot of water take your weight and divide it by 2 and thats how many Oz of water you should be drink. it may not help others j
  4. brokenwinggs74

    RoXys PhOtOs

    dis is meeh
  5. for some reason when i posted this i thought i was gonna get bitched at. i guess i felt like i trader, in some way or another. thanks you guys, you'v made me feel like its okay to come back, but this time, even if i have clear skin, i wont turn my back on this site
  6. how could i be so un greatful? let me explain awhile ago i was having really bad break outs and i came to this site for help. it was the only place i could find that actually helped. I got better, my face cleared up. and i lost touch with this site. i'm starting to break out again and whats the first thing i do? RUN to this damn site. i'm so ungreatful sometimes and it hurts my heart. this site helped me alot and when i got better i bailed. when things start to look shitty again i come running t
  7. yes, 10 instantly.. went to bed with a clear face.. woke up with a zitty one.. now i have a cystic one coming in... when will it end? its to the point where i dont want to go out with my friends, who i know love me but still its hard..
  8. hah i wish i just had a big white head.. i have 10 big ass red mark.. and i havent even tried to pop them... irritating
  9. so guess what! IM BACK! my skin got really clear for awhile... no problems what so ever for about 2 months then BAM today , i got about 10 on my face. WTF? i dont understand it all. I havent changed my eating habits OR my meds. i just dont seem to understand. why would it start up again when i havent changed anything? weird.. we'll now im depressed and all i can do it mope about... xoxo Roxy
  10. ya'll i just dont understand my skin.. one day it will look decent and then the next day ill wake up and its so bad i wanna cry. Im still following the reg. my dr gave me and i dont understand how one day i can be "okay" and then next day it all went to shit.. its an up and down rollercoaster...to make matters worse im interested in this guy BUT with how i feel.. i dont even want to face him yet alone anyone
  11. it is britney... that kevin guy is with her ... so yeah.. but shes still is beautiful...
  12. i have and tried it all for a lil over a month..
  13. well.. i still have these red marks on my face... i dont know how to get rid of them... ive tried dans things and they have been there forever so time doesnt seem to be doin me any good.. any advice?
  14. haha yeah im pretty much over the boy... and you'll get there soon too! i promise you that... my name... well i love tinkerbell so people called me a lil fairy.. one day i was said and my friend said aww tinkerbell are your wings broken? and it stuck with me ever since...
  15. i usally just take a safty pin and lightly put it in the top then i take 2 qtips and lightly push around the area till it comes out
  16. so yeah... its been 2 MONTHS! and STILL NOTHING.. i feel like i start to get somewere then BAM ANOTHER EFFIN SET BACK aka MORE ZITS, i dont even know why i try...
  17. well, i use to use this face wash called Basis, and it did pretty good. UNTIL they discontinued it in store so i had to switch to Clean and Clear and that didnt work with my skin to well.. anyways i found basis again at www.drugstore.com and ordered some... and my face SEEMS under control. along with the retin a and the antibiotics. anyways..i would use basis if you have really dry skin, it tends to dry you out a little but its not too bad..
  18. i am looking into a new derm. ( im being picky) and im on antibiotics and Retin A micro...
  19. Okay so Im left with all these red spots and scars that the TCA didnt take away.. and i cant get another TCA till Nov. bc i cant miss anymore school. BESIDES that im not noticing these red lines around my cheek bone/nose area that look like broken vessels.. what should i so?
  20. Its goin on a month and STILL NO RESULTS. Im going crazy. the places i dont have acne is either red marks or left with a scar! i use to beable to no wear make up, and now i cant even do that. And my cheek area has like red lines that look like broken vessels... UHG... i dont know what to do.. when i go to my derm she just says " you look better than before, come back in 6 weeks" she doesnt answer my questions about my scars/redness or the broken vessels... UGH UGH UGH
  21. noggin, i know how you feel. It feels like you can never get ahead and if you do it last for like a moment then your right back to where you started. Im getting really bad acne lately and now im left with red marks/scar. BUT im not gonna let it get me down ANYMORE. I know that it will pass... it might take along time.. even years.. but hey..keep your chin up!