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  1. hmm I never went to school in Canada, so maybe I have some long lost twin

  2. You look like someone I went to school with!

  3. Need some feedback on how to treat this please!
  4. I have arm acne or ingrown hairs on my arms for 3 years now and its embarrising. If anyone knows any good regimens to clear this up please share them with me.
  5. shibbymill12

    My chest acne

    and man boobs -.- can't wait till I can get my BF % down again
  6. shibbymill12

    My facial skin now

    Can't see much because of the lighting, but I have acne around my middle forhead/eyebrows and chin.
  7. shibbymill12

    Me a year ago

    When i only had forehead acne under my hair
  8. Im trying to upload a profile picture of myself but it keeps saying "Picture upload failed, Please contact a board admin. Any suggestions idk how to contact them.....=|