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  1. Hey,its expected to have minimal improvements with lasers,could you tell me yr ethnic group...because i just wannna acquire knowlledge on why lasers dont work on some...i am sure derma roller canhelp you...if yr gonna do it yrself buy numbingcream.v.important. I'm caucasian. Lasers have helped, but not what I would expect for how many I have tried, and how many thousands of dollars I have spent.
  2. I live in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. Does anyone know where I can go to get skin needling/dermarolling done for my scars? I've called a few places, and they haven't even heard of it! I don't want to do it myself. I've tried so many lasers, with minimal success. I really need to see if this can help me! Any info would be amazing. Thanks!
  3. I had 3 profractional treatments that were full face. It has almost been a year since the last procedure. I would say, in my opinion, there is a very mild improvement, but it isn't worth the $2700.00 that I paid. I have spent probably $5000.00 on different procedures, and nothing has really worked all that well. I think it's time for acceptance. It has definitely never stopped me from having boyfriends. We are our own worst enemies sometimes.
  4. IMSODEPRESSED... I swear by Accutane. It is the ONLY thing that ever helped me, including antibiotics, lasers, and every face wash I can think of. I did not lose any hair or get depressed from it. However, everyone responds differently. It was a chance I was willing to take. The only side effects I noticed were very dry skin and mucous membranes (nose and lips especially), and some decreased night vision. It is a very strong med though, so weigh the costs/benefits carefully and then decide what'
  5. I agree with Kat17. I too will keep trying to improve my scars, but life has to somehow go on. I will still try to see the good things life has to offer, despite my misfortune.
  6. I will not stop trying to improve my scars, so in a way, no, I have not accepted them. However, I will never let them stop me from living my life, going out, dating, etc. I figure, if people don't like it, they don't have to talk to me.
  7. I was wondering if hopeful or others who have had profractional done had any more updates? I just had my third profractional 4 days ago. I can't wait to see the results in the next few months.
  8. I did the IPL with Levulan, which I think is similar to PDT. It did absolutely nothing for my acne.
  9. I just had my 3rd profractional treatmet at Beauti-Med with Dr. Curry today! So far, so good. The Dr. and the staff are very nice and seem to genuinely care. I have also gone to Arbutus Laser Centre, under Dr. Boey. He is also very nice and cares. He even gave me a couple of free blue light treatments for my acne when he saw no improvement. He felt sorry for me. I would recommend both places. Good luck.
  10. Dear Scarsruinlife, I feel bad that you are so depressed over your scars. I know it can be so hard. I too have obsessed over acne scars. You mentioned that you sleep away every day. You also mentioned that you are starting to view everything in terms of temporary and permanent. Well, I have come to some decisions in my own life recently that I hope you will also try to consider. Life is temporary, but death is permanent. When you are very old and grey, do you really want to look back at al
  11. Silver, are your 9 weeks post pictures with or without foundation? If that is bare skin, the results are amazing. Even if you're wearing makeup, it's still pretty good.
  12. Probably about 10 days or so. It gets better every day though.
  13. Wow, tough crowd. I say it's about wanting to be the best you can be. I say, do whatever makes you happy JustinJ. Although I agree your scars are pretty minimal, it's you who has to feel comfortable. Good luck to you and to us all.
  14. I too have had this experience... more than once. I had that exact question posed to me, as well as " You look like a burn victim". I have also had a complete stranger walk up to me to try and give me advice, such as what creams to use on my face. Very frustrating and rude. I'd like to know of someone out there who is perfect enough to pass any judgment like that on anyone else. EVERYONE has crap about them that they wish they could change. It's just more public when it's right on your face for
  15. I was worried about the same thing. I had been off of accutane (high dose) for 6 months, and was scheduled for profractional. Two docs said 6 months was fine, so I went ahead with the procedure. It worked out well. As far as being ON Accutane and getting excisions... sounds a bit risky. Why would you want to risk the possibility of creating new and larger scars? In my opinion, best to wait the 6 months.