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  1. Congrats =) I have no experience with it, but congrats for finding it
  2. If you're looking for another option, get Neutrogena's advanced acne kit. I've tried Proactiv a couple of years back and it didn't do much for my skin. Good luck
  3. I'm on break from college. Not stressing as much; I'm loving the feeling not having to come to class and deadlines. Sweet it is.
  4. If anything, go to college anyway even if you don't clear up. Believe me, it's 100% better than you'd expect it to be. Freshmen year isn't all that stressful if you have a good plan and who knows, you'll probably clear up because of that.
  5. I used to get plenty of the "pity" look. Best thing you can do is refect that shit back to them.
  6. well, flourescent light is ok for me, just not overhead lights i absolutely hate office lighting.
  7. Evening primrose 1000mg daily. No more excessive oiliness.