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  1. My derm and the directions on box of accutane say if you miss a dose, just move onto the next and don't double up.
  2. I am on my 14th day of my second round of accutane. First time I went on it was about 7 years ago. Needless to say it all came back, haha. Anyways, I don't have cysts but I do have tons of tiny little pimples and redness, etc. all over. In the first two weeks being on 60mg/day I have seen improvement already. My skin is not oily at all where as I used to literally drip. No new acne and my bad areas (chin, jawline, neck) are smoothing out. My shoulder/back area is almost completely clear too. I
  3. Swamp


    My treatment
  4. how have u been more snow by me

  5. Ending So, I have stopped using Retin A and benzaclin the last few weeks. I could not stand the crazy oiliness anymore. The product worked great for my acne and redmarks, but the oil was just ridiculous. Since I have stopped, I have started to break out a bit again. But I have decided to just sort of go with the flow. I will be keeping a log of my progress "doing nothing special", as well as a gallery. I am getting to a point in my life where my acne doesn't concern me as much as it used to. I
  6. I honestly have no idea My 'dry areas' tend to migrate. Some days my forehead, some days my chin. Today it's around my nose and cheeks. Maybe the medication isn't being applied evenly? I usually start applying at my forehead (my problem area) and work my way down from there. So I am sure that I over apply on my forehead, but then sometimes even then my chin gets dry instead. I am going to ask my derm about this as soon as I remember to make my follow up appointment. I will post my findings
  7. My best friend just got into Mary Kay, and she is trying to get me to use all of these products. My acne is pretty much under control now, and I am a little cautious of adding some new random things into my regime. Has anyone had much luck with any Mary Kaye products? In particular she wants me to try the Timewise line (I think that is what it is called). Anything I should avoid completely?
  8. Day 75 Nothing much has changed. Forehead is no longer flaky, but chin is a little dry. Redness on the right cheek is up tad as well. No complaints. Breakout along my jawline is almost gone. I ordered some facewash samples through Joppa minerals which I hope comes soon. Supposed to help with oiliness. but we all know how that goes LOL. I am nervous about hearing if I got the job I interviewed for last week. Hopefully the stress doesn't break me out. Gah! Thankfully my skin was very well behav
  9. Day 73 I have some blemishes along my jawline, but I am starting to notice I break out a bit there according to my cycle. Yay for being a girl. So I am not too concerned since the rest of my face is doing great. My forehead is off and on dry. Some days it's perfect, then days like today it is dry and a little flaky. My temple area is completely clear, and my cheeks are "smoothing out". The redness is going down quite significantly and the overall texture is improving. Nothing dramatic to wher
  10. I don't know the exact answer to your question, but my period never aligns correctly with my birth control pills. I start my period during the last two days of my "placebo" week and it continues while I am on active pills. This never seemed to interfere with my blood tests when I was on accutane. Also even more recently I have been on my period during a pregnancy test (my doctor does a test every checkup no matter what I am there for I have no idea why) and it didn't seem to matter. Again, I
  11. Besides what I am using now (retin a and bezaclin) the only other things that have ever worked for me have been: -Accutance (I know this doesn't always work for everyone) -Proactive Refining Mask Everything else I have tried (proactive's actual regime, antibiotics, over the counter stuff, etc) haven't done anything for me. BP worked on and off, but nothing consistent.
  12. Day 67 There has been much improvement in the last few days. Not long ago I started a new regime with my products. I alternate treatments at night. Retin A, then Benzaclin, then nothing. Then I repeat. I have given up moisturizer all together since my skin is so oily. Luckily the flakiness is FINALLY becoming more reasonable. My forehead is all better, and my only redness is on my right cheek. This is my worst area when it comes to scarring as well. I believe this is due to a car accident I was
  13. It's getting warmer here. I get to go play outside again. :)

  14. Day 62 My forehead is a bit messy still. Nothing has broken the surface, but it is very uneven, a bit red, and shiny. Also flaky, always flaky. My cheeks and chin are flaky again, but at least no sign of a break out there. I must admit this is getting rather frustrating. Shouldn't my skin have adjusted by now? Especially at such a low dosage? This dry skin is driving my crazy! I can scrub all day and it keeps flaking. You'd think I'd run out of layers.
  15. Day 60 This morning my forehead decided to break out. Well, not a full blown break out yet, but it is covered in tiny little bumps like it used to be. Chin and cheek area are staying clear though, as well as my jawline so I am not too upset. I am thinking that it may be due to me only using retin a 3-4 times a week, which is the same amount I used when I first started. Time to do it every night maybe? I am just concerned because I get sooo flaky, and yet sooo oily that globbing on tons more moi