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  1. My son is one year out now from his course and so far so good! I know sometimes it comes back a few years out, but I'm thrilled with how it has worked. That's at least one year that he has been able to be off antibiotics, and hopefully more years to come.
  2. I have a 13 year old daughter who has had acne since about the time she turned 10. Because of a family history of severe, scarring acne, I was right on top of getting her treated. As soon as over the counter treatments didn't work, I took her to a derm. She started with Differin, which wasn't strong enough and then on to Tazorac and then Tazorac and mino and now to Tazorac and cephalexin. She's still not totally clear, but it's good enough for now. However, the day the derm thinks she shoul
  3. Beentheredonethat, were your eyes extremely dry while you were on accutane? I noticed in rereading some of Berry's old posts that her eyes were extremely dry for almost the entire course. Extremely dry eyes and permanently, extremely dry lips are the 2 side effects that worry me the most about accutane. The other adverse reactions can, I think, be detected in time more easily and accutane stopped if needed.
  4. You should start differin or retin a or something like that while you are on the antibiotic. Then there is a chance that when you come off the antibiotic, the topical will keep you clear. If you're not using a topical and come off the antibiotic, I would imagine that you're going to start breaking out again unless your skin has changed during the time you were on the antibiotic. The topical works to prevent future acne.
  5. My son started using Differin 2 months after he was off accutane. He hasn't had any initial breakout (absolutely no acne at all) from using the Differin like he would have pre-accutane, and it hasn't bothered his skin at all - no dryness, redness, etc. So far so good. He's been on Differin for about one and a half months.
  6. In my previous post ignore the "16s" that you see at the end of several sentences. Those are footnotes to the article that I've copied at the bottom of the excerpt.
  7. I can't answer your question from personal experience, but at the end of this reply I've copied something I found on the internet. The article, unfortunately, doesn't mention WHO the patients were who needed more courses of accutane, but other articles I've read say that those individuals whose acne started before age 12 are more likely to need more than one course. (It sounds like your daughter's started at 11??) So maybe one more course will do it. What dosage was your daughter on before, f
  8. My son's derm cultured a cyst when she prescribed antibiotics. She said she wanted to be sure the antibiotic she was prescribing would work for that particular bacteria.
  9. I know our derm doesn't want my daughter to be on it for too long, although she has been on it a year. She's just trying to keep her from breaking out too badly until she's a little older and might have a better outcome with accutane. She's told us she doesn't want her on it forever.
  10. My daughter has been on it for about a year. My son was only on it the first couple of months he was on accutane to try to prevent an initial breakout. (He didn't get an initial breakout.)
  11. They both were on mino before the keflex (generic name cephalexin) and it didn't work very well for them. They take 2 500 mg. capsules a day (one in the morning and one at night.)
  12. Yes, my 2 kids have been on it, one for a little over 1 year. It's worked very nicely at keeping acne at bay.
  13. What are dermoid cysts? How can you tell the difference?
  14. My son finished accutane mid May. The derm wants him to start Differin mid July for maintenance.
  15. Maybe you could talk to your derm about the possibility of taking prednisone for a while??