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  1. I would like to say that I am an Arbonne Consultant and we have all kinds of great products for skincare. We have everything from baby stuff to anti-aging. If anyone is interested or if you would like to start selling Arbonne yourself please contact me. Thanks.
  2. I just bought a fade cream called Nadinola and it contains 3% hydroquinone. I have used it twice and didn't know you couldn't use it with bp gel. What will happen if I keep using it. I do wear a sunscreen moisturizer.
  3. I have used a lot of different products in the past that just didn't work. But my face is so dull and dry looking especially around my eyes, however my nose is always shiny. I have heard good things about cetaphil. I will get some of that. Yesterday I had a day of popping zits. They were just crying out to me. So I squeezed, applied alcohol to help them not get infected. After that episode, I had a ton of swollen bumps on my face. I mean it looked horrible. They were huge! I splashe
  4. Does anyone use this acne medication? Did you see any results?
  5. so people can come in here and read my post, but won't give any advice? that's cool.
  6. I always thought that I automatically had oily skin because I had continuous breakouts. My skin is very dull and dry looking, there is no shine at all. Because I thought I had oily skin I always bought products to combat the oily skin instead nourishing my very dry skin. Is dry skin a reason for breakouts? Do I need to hydrate the skin to give me the healthy looking skin that I have been trying to get all this time? I have been using the oil of olay foaming wash with the oil of olay complet
  7. I have been using vinegar on and off. What exactly is it suppose to do? Is vinegar only temporary? Has anyone used an at home chemical peel? Was is strong enough? Is a chemical peel suppose to cause peeling? I bought the Vita k chemical peel and I can't see anything that it did. Is there one on the market that is strong enough to work.
  8. What is the regimen that everyone talks about?
  9. Hello, I would like to know what exactly is the regimen. I see a lot of topics about it, but I don't know what all is involved. Can someone please tell me. I have been using vinegar on face twice a day and drinking water with a little lemon. Is this the regimen that you all speak of? I see some people who's face seem to shine, and it's flawless. How can I achieve this? I know I have a long way to go trying to get rid of my acne, but I need a good regimen. Thanks
  10. after reading some of the topics about vinegar helping with acne, i decided to try it and i have been doing it for almost a week now. i have been suffering with breakouts along my cheek area and jaw line. it was pretty painful. i have to say that the vinegar has helped tremendously. i am so thrilled with the results. yesterday i was sitting in my car and there was a huge bump on my cheek. i could feel the swelling surrounding this bump. i know it was wrong but i had to squeeze it. i don
  11. What is needling? Can someone school me on this? Thanks.