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  1. Thanks! I heard somewhere that vitamin c serum is an antioxidant and bp is the opposite so the vitamin c serum would cancel out the effectiveness of the bp, is that true? Also has anyone broken out from vitamin c serum?
  2. So i have seen both Professor Chu and Dr Khan Professor Chu says my scars are not tethered and will not respond to subcision Dr Khan says they are and they will They both did the stretch test If subcision is performed on scars that do not need it will it make them worse? Also what are the pros and cons of having filler with the subcision?
  3. BP in the morning (duac) and Isotrexin (similar to retin a) at night Is it safe to use vitamin c serum as well or is it too much for my skin?
  4. I was having regular dermaroller treatments and after my last one in February i started using the red, infrared and yellow LEDs I do not plan to have any more dermaroller treatments and after the last one i used the LEDs for about 2 months then didnt bother with them any more. Now i have started using them again but was wondering if there is any point in starting doing this again 6 months after the dermaroller treatment?
  5. Dejaclairevoyant, i am still ravaging my skin with bp because i am scared to break out if i stop. How did you stop? And yes its oils and moisturisers that break me out because i would test them on a small patch of skin and that area would break out
  6. For those who have said they used to use bp then stopped, did you manage to find a way of quitting without getting a massive breakout?
  7. Even if it is performed by a skilled and experienced doctor?
  8. All moisturisers break me out. I tried coconut oil, it broke me out. Jojoba oil broke me out. I am expecting any kind of oil/moisturiser to do the same, but my skin looks so much worse because its very greasy but very dehydrated. Any advice?
  9. Dr Khan suggested this for my shallow-moderate boxcar and rolling scars It sounds like a very sensible approach as long as its performed by a skilled doctor But i am curious as to why there are no posts about this on here, is it not widely used? Are there any drawbacks or risks from this?
  10. Im using Duac (BP+clindamycin) in the morning Isotrexin (topical isotretinoin - similar to retin A) at night I want to try and transition to more natural products but obviously want to avoid the inevitable breakout from coming off Anyone have any ideas? How about stopping Duac in the morning and instead using Isotrxin 2xday for a while? Weaning off very gradually? Or gradually replacing BP with tea tree instead?
  11. Dr Khan suggested this to me for my shallow-moderate boxcar and rolling scars and it sounds like an effective scar treatment with minimal risks I was just curious as to why there is no information or experiences with this on this board
  12. This looks like a good supplement to take, what do you think of the ingredients: http://www.hollandandbarrett.com/pages/product_detail.asp?pid=1930
  13. I want to start using msm cream which is good for skin but all the ones i see on the market have other pore clogging ingredients. I bought some MSM Crystal Powder which is MSM in a fine powder form. Would it make an effective msm cream if i mix it in with my moisturiser? ie would it work topically if it is in powder form?
  14. There has been a lot of publicity for the No! No! skin device, which your supposed to hold on a spot and it makes it go away I'm really surprised not to find a thread on it anywhere on here. Has anyone tried it?
  15. I have read a few things about green tea on here, some say it clears up your skin, some say it makes your skin produce more oil. I have pcos. Is drinking green tea a good idea?