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  1. yup thats correct, looking back i maybe should have gone on accutane, maybe then i wouldnt have so many scars.. who knows!

  2. hey, i was looking through some of your posts/pictures... just wanted to clarify - you never went on accutane, right? just minocycline (sp?)

  3. i'm sure accutane will help! :) good luckk

  4. So, the BC wasn't enough. These are my results on Accutane so far :S
  5. sadly my skin has gone to crap in just the few months since that picture, but hopefully accutane will take care of it

  6. thanks so much for your comment! i feel like i'm kind of at a plateau but my dosage just went up - so i hope it keeps working! thanks :)

  7. just want to say that your beautiful!! I'm happy to see that accutane is working for you!

  8. hey, there is a good chance that it's from the accutane - you might want to tell your derm i think it's normal though? in my first week on accutane i was having terrible pains in my chest/ribs but it eventually went away... good luck!!
  9. thanks for the comment.. i guess it's good to see that it's working. but not having blackheads was the ONE problem i didn't have with my skin and now i have that :( hope it doesn't last!

    good luck!

  10. I am probably not going to stop using the regimen for a really long time. Ive been on it for almost a year. I think it really just depends on your type of skin. Some people break out and others dont. I dont mind doing the regimen daily so I'll probably be on it for the rest of my young adulthood.

  11. hey, i'm having the same problem! never had problems with blackheads before but ever since being on accutane (almost 1 month) they've become a problem.. i love Biore strips... expensive but great! good luck!
  12. hey, just wondering if you can ever get off the regime? or do people generally start to break out all over again? your skin looks great btw :)

  13. The short answer: I feel like I can completely relate, and I feel like I know exactly what they're going through... On a side note... you should definitely be a writer - hands down.
  14. hey hows it going? first other "ontarian" i've found on here! lol, j/w if you have any pictures of your progress? i find that's the easiest way to see any improvement? good luck w/ your accutane adventure :)