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  1. What was the time frame you started noticing breakout from combining moisturizers? In case I start breaking out and realize to late that its from combination and not just random breakouts.
  2. I just bought the Aveeno Ultra Calming Daily Moisturizer with SPF15 four days ago, it was named like 2007 or 2008 skin care product of the year by some major magazine. It's supposed to be the best product for people with sensitive skin, it reduces redness in as little as one week (working already after only 4 days), if your skin is oily it should control the oil to an extent...I have combination oily/dry skin and don't count on ANY product to control oil throughout the entire day without addit
  3. Using proactiv for a long time now, recently had to find a new moisturizer for extreme facial redness, the Lubriderm was great for moisturizing but didn't help my redness at all. Im now using Aveeno Ultra Calming Daily Moisturizer with SPF15 to calm and soothe the facial redness, only been 4 days but it seems to already be working. The problem is that the Aveeno moisturizer doesn't moisturize as well as the Lubriderm Lotion that I've been using for 5 months, which has worked like a charm on my
  4. I haven't seen one post on any proactiv questions or anything. Has anyone tried proactiv?
  5. Are you completely positive of this?? I hope you are. I was just worried that the medication would soak into the skin and somehow make its way around my entire body. I thought it would affect everything, like a pill would
  6. quick question. Can i use retin-a or differn on my chest? will this make my face break out at all or what? Can the medication somehow make my face breakout even though im not applying it on the face.?
  7. Like i said my derm wouldnt giveme accutane because my skin wasent severe enough. She gave me CRAP that most likely wont work and im not using it! Have any of you had these really pushy dermotoligists who are bent on giving u everything BUT accutane? How do you deal with them?? Can i just say "NO, i dont want all this bull i want accutane?"
  8. im taking 250 mgs a day. 2 pills twice a day. Does that do anything for the acne?????
  9. im woundering the same thing. The derm showed me a 3 picture chart. It was a 7 week progression of a girl with BAD acne. It showed what affects retin-a had after 7 weeks. Let me tell you, after 7 weeks she looked almost WORSE then when she started! I told the derm. it looked WORSE and not goood at all, she replied by showing me ONE pimple that had disapeared off the girl's face. WELL that didnt exactly convince me of using retin-a-crap! Proactiv solution heals more in 2 weeks then ret
  10. hows retin-a and eythromycin work together? any good?
  11. Im in the same dilema as you. I got it today and im thinking, im not even gonna use it. Differen did NOTHING for me and made me break out like a dog, so im thinking my dad wasted his money
  12. Anyone used retin a? or erythromycin? I also got sulfacetamide sodium any news on that at all? The DERM. thought my skin wasent sever enough for accutane and she gave me this CRAP! derm. totally trashed proactiv and said it was parler tricks and doesnt work, she also said that to treat acne i can just go out and buy these nutrogena 12$ cleansers and that will clear EVERYTHING UP! i somehow DOUPT that very much. She says if these dont work then we might go on accutane, WHATS THE POINT? If
  13. The derm. put you on accutane even though you didnt have severe acne?? Becasue i went today and the stupid [email protected][email protected]* told me my acne wasent severe enough to be put on acuutane. She said it would heal me but i MIGHT get worse relapses in the future. How bad was your acne???
  14. on the box it says to apply with brush, then rub in a little bit to blend color. If u just apply with brush the color doesnt match skin at all, its a bronze type color. So i have to rub it in. The thing that comes with concealer is called a brush? or a wand?
  15. i just got some concealer and it doesnt seem to work I got it in meduim but for some reason it doesnt cover ANYTHING. I put it on and then rub it in a little bit with my fingers, but the red still shows through. What am i doing wrong?????