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  1. proactiv worked great for me, but the cleanser was too irritating to use twice a day everyday. i got the best results only using the proactiv cleanser(which exfoliates) once a day or every other day, and using a gentle cleanser(like dans) the rest of the times. i use the toner about once a day, but that can be increased or decreased based on dryness. i use bp at least once a day depending on dryness, but usually twice a day. This isnt necessarily a suggestion, only what i do, but it works for me
  2. i prefer something to tone with thats less harsh than sa like glycolic acid or witch hazel, and bp twice a day. ask derm before doing anything though!
  3. i would prefer glycolic acid as a toner rather than a wash, and follow with bp, but if you are taking antibiotics you should definitely ask a derm before doing anything!
  4. what are you using after? i think you would benefit from a good toner and bp(works best for me). also, you can avoid a lot of irritation by using tradition wetshaving with a shave soap or cream rather than store bought can stuff. if you wanna go that extra step, single blade safety razors are the best defense against irritation. but, if youre getting whiteheads, its most likely because of what youre putting on after. a toner with glycolic acid or witch hazel will clean the pores and bp will keep
  5. i agree with cutting out a bit of the scrubbing, and i also think that using a toner and BHA in the morning could be too much- they are both to do the same thing. i suggest using toner after shaving then bp. no matter how much scrubbing and toning you do, without bp, p.acnes bacteria will accumulate and will lead to pimples. also, the best way to avoid ingrowns and razor burn has been and always will be to use a DE razor. good luck!
  6. i love the cost of dan's bp, but im still finding that proactiv works better for me and i think its because of the toner. id love to find a cheaper version, and the only thing i can find with similar ingredients (glycolic acid and witch hazel) is from neutrogena but it has sd alcohol 40 in it. ive always heard never to use anything with alcohol, so what should i do? is this product worth trying? anyone have another product they can recommend? thanks. ps, i wish dan would make one!
  7. Moisturizing is definitely important to keep your skin from getting dry and irritated, even if it isnt at the moment. the problem with not using any moisturizer is that moisturizers work better at preventing dryness/irritation than fixing it. Even if your skin is fine now, continued use of bp is likely to dry your skin out at some point and then it will be too late. you wont be able to re-moisturize without taking a break from bp, and this leaves you open to a break out. Some people dont care if
  8. awesome, you are quite helpful. guess thats why they made you a moderator huh? thanks!
  9. For one, im not sure about that pore cleanser thing. i do not know how it works but i would assume that anything which manually/physically takes stuff out of your pores would be very irritating to the skin and i invision it could cause alot of follicles to break down just by itself. secondly, i do not know of any scientific connection between pot and acne, but many friends i had in high school who began smoking pot got acne who never had it before. i cant say that pot is your problem, but if you
  10. I really cant imagine that it was actually 20%. If they wont even allow anything above 10 to be sold, I assume there is a reason. As for what you should do in the future, I imagine that adding some 2.5% bp would be a good idea but you should definitely ask your dermatologist before doing anything. good luck!
  11. cant seem to find that. maybe its available to you since you are a moderator? not sure.
  12. I would love to be notified somehow when someone else comments on a thread i have posted on so i do not have to check every thread. I think it would be cool to have a box you could check in each thread that would allow you to choose whether or not you want to be notified when others post on it. I think this would be cool and helpful. Just a thought...
  13. you definitely need bp all over your face, at least in areas that are prone to acne. you can leave it off of areas that never get acne if you like, especially if those areas tend to get irritated. but if an area ever gets acne, you need bp there to keep acne away. its fine to keep using the 5% if its working and not irritating, but if its irritating at all a switch to 2.5% would probably be a good move. good luck!
  14. i have had absolutely no success with bp facewashes; gentle non-medicated cleansers + bp lotion has always worked much better for me. whatever you end up trying, try not to mix medications as this tends to be very irritating. good luck!