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  1. Donna -- your link doesn't seem quite right, it just leads to a reply box -- can you have a look? As for dermabrasion, find a reputable place and ask for advice. I get microdermabrasion done and the nurses warned me that hyperpigmentation was a possible risk for that, but that it would go away in time if it did crop up. My skin isn't that dark (I'm half Asian), so I'd guess the risk would be greater for darker skins.
  2. Just posting in for the people who've asked for success stories, to say that I've been doing this for 6 weeks now, and my red marks are almost gone. I even feel like I can go out without makeup on these days. Thanks again Delna!!!
  3. I used to have scars like that over most of my face when I was a teenager. I think it took about a year after I finally got rid of all the acne (using antibiotics) before the red/purple marks faded. So, don't worry, they should fade eventually!
  4. I wasn't sure whether or not I should post this under Delna's thread -- but seeing as it's 19 pages now I thought my question could pretty easily get lost and I really wanted to find out what people are using, so I thought I'd go for a poll. I've noticed that baking soda can vary in coarseness. The stuff I was originally using was very fine, like powdered (icing) sugar. My new stuff is much coarser, like the consistency of table sugar. I don't think this coarser baking soda works as well as
  5. Just adding to the others -- I work out about 4-5 times a week and I've never noticed any negative effect on my acne. Of course, I usually have a sauna afterwards as well (just because I like them, I'm not convinced that they affect my skin)
  6. For me, fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, and no dairy! I avoid fatty and processed meats as well, but not religiously. Refined sugars I also tend to avoid, but that's mainly because I don't have anything resembling a sweet tooth!
  7. btw Jalrus and SteveBrown -- thanks for the applause smileys -- it's nice to get positive feedback about posts