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  1. Hey, how 's your skin so far after stopping the fish oil? I've been taking 50mg B5 myself and thinking about going up to 500mg and I'm glad I saw your post!
  2. I'm disappointed but not all that surprised. From the moment they announced they're not offering the pill form but tried to reformulate it into a topical I knew sooner or later they're gonna give up. Chances are the topical just doesn't work as half as good as the pill. If only we knew exactly WHAT drug it is......
  3. Hi everyone, I have the EXACT same problem with my chin and at times jawline. It's not bad enough for accutane, which I don't want anyway, but it's very persistant and it's been almost 4 years, I'm 32. It's that big, deep under the skin but no head kinda bump that scares me, they're really sore and embarrassing. I've been hiding myself from public as much as possible for the last couple of years and I'm not the same fun girl anymore...I feel that it's only getting worse as they're now attakin
  4. Hey Winters, did you get any IB????
  5. Why don't you try the B5 powder form then? Just scoop it into whatever you prefer and drink it.
  6. Good for you! Did you see any improvement beside oil reduction, perhaps less acnes? This is what I like to hear, a lower dosage that helps with the oiliness.
  7. So Brissyguy, you've been doing 1g for about a week now and no difference oil-wise? Please do let us know when you hit the right dosage!
  8. Hey heylovee, you're not the only one with this type of acnes, I got them too, always on the chin and nothing works...
  9. Hey Zanpakutou, how many grams did you take and did you experience any IB???? How long did it take for you to see results??
  10. All I can say is, you're not the only one.. My acnes are just like yours. I've been having them on my chin for almost 4 years now and no topicals would do the trick because they are deep under the skin. Are yours deep, red, hard and sore that last for days or weeks?? That's what mine are like. Are you male or female? I know mine is definitely hormonal and they need to be treated internally.. What have you tried so far?
  11. Any reduction of oil at all???? How many grams are u taking??
  12. ok, don't forget to update us with your progress Beautiful Day! I'd really like to know if you notice any difference in oil..
  13. Okay pam_B, please keep us update with your skin & hair issues. I do hope that the side effects you're experiencing will soon wear off completely. BTW, I heard that biotin helps with the hair problem due to B5. May do a little research on that..