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  1. I've been told that I'm a great actress. I love to act and have been involved in a bunch of plays. I'm good at making people laugh. XD Was voted Class Clown my senior year of highschool. I'm very proud of that lol. Sexy eyes!
  2. You may have just damaged your nose more than you think. What if there's a huge chunk missing from it when it heals? What will you do then? I personally think you should have just waited it out. No cyst is worth mutilating yourself with a hot knife. I think you should get help.
  3. Jojoba doesn't get rid of my flakes and dry skin. What does is Albolene. And it's a cleanser. Crazy amazing, man. XD
  4. My chin has broken out due to that time of the month. My skin was looking so good a clear right before this, and I hate it now. In one day it went from like..one active to a bajillion. XD Blaagh. Hopefully it'll be cleared up again in a week for my Spring Break. I'd hate to look crappy for that..
  5. Your Teddy Bear is just like me...very cuddly

    1. Happy trail! XD You look very nice. ;D /stamp of approval
    2. Actually, I think that Teddy Bear *is* named RealTalk! No waaaayyy! Haha Very cuddly! ^-^ <3 Bolkonsky! Thank you. And I am a huge fan of Tolkien. You too? Omg. We can get all geeky about it together, yeah? Haha I've never seen the Skins, but she does kinda look like me! And I'd never heard that song before. I did listen to it, and I loved it. <3 More, more! XD
    3. http://i45.tinypic.com/tafwoh.jpg My skin is finally clearing up. I'm so happy. XD That was my outfit to go and see Alice in Wonderland opening night. It was lots of fun!
    4. I feel great today! I've been trying out a new method, and it is clearing me up FAST, and it's gotten rid of all my flakes. I'm so happy! Who knew something so simple could work so well?
    5. So I have been "blessed" with a pimple...right smack dab in the middle of my forehead. Which is odd for me, since I really don't break out there. Anyway! Kinda silly, but it reminded me of a unicorn. xD lol Anywho! Point of the matter: Have you ever gotten a zit in the most inconvenient place? One that is just so ridiculous that it makes you laugh? (Then maybe cry..-.-)
    6. oh girl i can help you most definately! check out my website http://missyzsuccess.myrandf.com

      call me anytime 801-645-9046

      1. your numbers are the closest to mine! Really? Cool! Right? Right? XD <3!