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  1. Ive been so used to covering my acne with my 24 hoodies that I wear every single day... Everyone always asks me why im always wearing a hoodie over my head every single day... I guess they are about to find out... Seriously I am SO uncomfortable without my hoodie on!! I cant get used to life without it now! It has become my crutch! I cant function without covering my face!! What do i do now?????
  2. so are you in houston right now?

    And Can I take you out for coffee? =)

  3. went to a party.. got stared at more.. having a horrible night
  4. thank you, but i dont remember posting any pics. i feel like shit .. my acne scars are soo bad.. and the uneven skin tone is just.. blehhh.. no chicks are ever attracted to me, and im so tired of being alone.. im soo lonely.. i hate this so much..
  5. I feel like with all these acne scars, nodules, cysts, white heads.. that i will never lead a normal life.. that i can never everrrr be comfortable.. whether im out with friends, at work, school, etc.. i feel like the quality of life is in the dumpster. i can never really enjoy my life because i know that i look horrible.. and its even worse when you know that no one will actually be attracted to you.. its pretty tough going out with your clear skinned friends... they are so comfortable..while u
  6. Plain ignorance. Ive always found it funny to look back at the people who made comments at me about my skin when I had severe acne. Most left school with nothing to their names other than a criminal record and those that didnt had their own little battles with their skin, even if it wasnt half as bad as my own. Thats karma for ya! Chocolate is the classic reason that those ignorant people think they can offer someone. Now im on my milk free diet plain or dark chocolate is my only little treat t
  7. Some girls wont even give you the opportunity to show your personality based on your appearance.. Happens aLL THE TIME.
  8. Looks play a huge role. I don't care who says that they don't. What is the first thing a woman see's when she first meets you. Your FACE.
  9. Story of my fucking life. I actually avoid places now because of it.
  10. ive been wondering the same exact thing...
  11. i just hate natural daylight. As soon as I step out, I get real anxious. I dont want anyone to see my face
  12. Im a night creature by habbit. I can never go out with friends during the day. I will be so uncomfortable.
  13. always look her in the eyes when you speak to her. Always aim your body towards her direction. It's a subtle way of flirting subconsciously.
  14. hey thanks for the comment.

    I guess you like the mustache?


  15. Are you single or Taken?? If your taken, does your parter have acne? I want to see how many people with acne are in relationships with clear skinned spouses.
  16. I only feel comfortable going out at night.. I dread going out during the day. I hate the stares from everyone.. Especially if your driving and you have passengers. I feel distracted because I feel as though my passengers are staring at my face. Does anyone else feel like this??
  17. ur thread is the story of my life. Also that comment about target's harsh lighting is an understatement. That store has the worst lighting of all time. Its brutal in there. With me its the opposite. I look better in real life than i do in pics
  18. Which of these two creams will work better???? TAZORAC or DIFFERIN I have terrible nod's. They are deep within my face and dont have a head. They just appear as red lumps.. What will work for me?????? HELPPPP
  19. i wish i would have taken accutane when i was younger... Now im 20 yrs old and scars are EVERYWHERE