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  1. im on my last month, should i take the last months, even though i missed a week, what if I break out again..?
  2. I should be starting my 6th month course. However due to some complications, when I turned in my prescription to Walgreens, they said it had expired. The last time I took my Amnesteem was last Thursday... I tried calling my dermatologist today, and could only leave a voicemail message. My skin is perfect, no bumps, just redness. So since about December 2, ive been taking the meds for about 5 months, 26 days. Pretty close to 6 months. 177days/25 weeks in total. My acne was pretty moderate before
  3. what are you doing for your skin now? and how long did the redness last after stopping?
  4. i dont see this lounge anywhere...where do i view it?
  5. it could be because your skin is thinning. try drinking more water and getting even MORE sleep. what color is this bruising? because for alot of people its natural, ive seen it.
  6. haha, the smell of ACV does stink. cant you go into the bathroom or another and just spray air freshner around?
  7. acne is the doorKNOB to loneliness. its up to you to twist it and open the door.
  8. really? i see it as opposite. mostly EVERYONE in the world gets acne. not everyone is obese. the only people who view having acne as socially unacceptable are the ones who have it. while people who have obesity are considered lazy or someone who cant take care of themselves and thats how people would view as socially unacceptable, because its someone who lacks the means to follow the norms.
  9. ive heard of people using those really soft baby brushes..
  10. uhh, its required by law to take monthly blood tests, if youre gonna take the meds.
  11. i got results as soon as 2 months in. but everyones skin is different, so dont worry to much about it. it helps mostly everyone out in the end.
  12. oh cool im gonna watch it right now.. ive never wanted to see a truel life episode before.
  13. if you used to be, you can still be. have you TRIED being all those things WITH acne? you know there are some people/girls who'll accept your personality, despite your appearance or w/e inferior feelings you have about your acne. there are SOME people who actually have a decent amount of compassion or kindness or sincerity, find THOSE people. And if any of these people look at you in pity, dont worry about it. SHOW them who you "USED" to be and what you still are. Don't wallow in self-shame/a
  14. It seems like youre going at the same rate I was going, so by day 60 you should notice how better your skin has gotten. By then time will just fly by, its been 70 days since I last posted here and my skin has gotten clear, still have the redness though haha..
  15. actually i think you can over moisturize, if you excessively moisturize then some of it wont deposit right into your pores, giving your face a geasy or shiny look, and sometimes dirt or bacteria will accumalate in it. Not only that but since your on Accutane, your skin is getting used to how much oil its creating, its also getting used to how much moisturizer you're putting on, if I were you I'd stop using Aveeno and get Cerave Moisturizing Lotion, you can get it all Walgreens and possibly Walma
  16. Day 136 I know I havent updated in a while... But my skin has pretty much been clear for about a month and half now. Scars are gone so all I'm really waiting for is the redness to go away. The only side effects I'm going through right now is fatigue, back and muscle pains, and really dry lips. But the thing thats irritating me the most is my hair APPEARS to be thinning and I was consider taking 5mg of Biotin a day to see if it would help promote thickness of my hair, however I've heard that i
  17. I've noticed my hair has gotten thinner just a little bit.. i was planning on taking Biotin while on Accutane, maybe around 5mg. but ive read it breaks people out? is this true and are there any aversions to taking it while on Accutane?
  18. Thanks! I hope it does too. Hopefully your doctor will get you accutane, remember to ask really nicely ;) Day 5: Well all is pretty much the same. Dry lips, not too bad though. My skin actually isnt getting too dry yet. I woke up REALLY sore today but im not sure if thats the meds or if its from my practice last night. Initial breakout is here :( but it was expected.. Hopefully that breakout doesnt last long for you... mine was gone in a week or and didnt even realize it was a break
  19. Day 68 (I can't believe I missed my 50 day mark!) I currently have one active nodule. But the redmarks, scars, and the red flush to my face is unbelievable. I haven't brought myself to buy any Redness Relief products for it, mostly because I'm waiting for more people to respond and give experiences on any products they've tried, especially the Eucerin Redness Relief product line. So if you can please do. On February 8th I was bumped up to 40mg twice a day so now I'm 80mg a day. I'm a little
  20. Emu Oil Works okay for me! It helps much more for flakiness. Neosporin? Never heard of that before, but I wouldnt try it since it seems like it would clog your skin.
  21. I dont think Ive ever had anyone say anything horrible about my skin to my face, but I hated how my friends who kept quiet and didnt say anything or didnt react or respond to you privately as a friend or ask how you were because it might be awkward wasnt great, I think it was the silence that killed me. But the people who did ask made feel like they actually cared because they wanted to know what happened or how you are, without criticism or telling you what to use was much better than just igno
  22. thanks guys! devendra, I'll try and look for that Aveenos, if the redness doesnt start to go down, but it's not looking so bad with me using this Emu Oil. Day 37 Wow, its going much faster than I expected?? I'm only 13 more days away from the 50 day mark! I had my derm. appt. yesterday. She said I still had my nodules and whiteheads coming out, but it's looking much better & much less red. I had to get Topicort LP to help the scaly dryness that have appeared on my arms and she g
  23. filipino? i hate how sometimes our skin can be orange, yellow, or dark depending on the light situation.
  24. its from accutane, its just dryness, since the medicine affects all over. does it feel scaly but not itchy? red but not painful? Cause thats what I have. i had my 2nd month derm. appt. yesterday and she gave me samples of Topicort LP, which by the help of google, is a strong corticosteroid, so you should avoid putting it on your face while on Accutane if you can get it, just put it on the affected skin spots, mine got smaller in one night. You can probably put Aquaphor for an entire week and s