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  1. im on my last month, should i take the last months, even though i missed a week, what if I break out again..?
  2. I should be starting my 6th month course. However due to some complications, when I turned in my prescription to Walgreens, they said it had expired. The last time I took my Amnesteem was last Thursday... I tried calling my dermatologist today, and could only leave a voicemail message. My skin is perfect, no bumps, just redness. So since about December 2, ive been taking the meds for about 5 months, 26 days. Pretty close to 6 months. 177days/25 weeks in total. My acne was pretty moderate before
  3. what are you doing for your skin now? and how long did the redness last after stopping?
  4. i dont see this lounge anywhere...where do i view it?
  5. it could be because your skin is thinning. try drinking more water and getting even MORE sleep. what color is this bruising? because for alot of people its natural, ive seen it.
  6. haha, the smell of ACV does stink. cant you go into the bathroom or another and just spray air freshner around?
  7. acne is the doorKNOB to loneliness. its up to you to twist it and open the door.
  8. really? i see it as opposite. mostly EVERYONE in the world gets acne. not everyone is obese. the only people who view having acne as socially unacceptable are the ones who have it. while people who have obesity are considered lazy or someone who cant take care of themselves and thats how people would view as socially unacceptable, because its someone who lacks the means to follow the norms.
  9. ive heard of people using those really soft baby brushes..
  10. uhh, its required by law to take monthly blood tests, if youre gonna take the meds.
  11. i got results as soon as 2 months in. but everyones skin is different, so dont worry to much about it. it helps mostly everyone out in the end.
  12. oh cool im gonna watch it right now.. ive never wanted to see a truel life episode before.
  13. if you used to be, you can still be. have you TRIED being all those things WITH acne? you know there are some people/girls who'll accept your personality, despite your appearance or w/e inferior feelings you have about your acne. there are SOME people who actually have a decent amount of compassion or kindness or sincerity, find THOSE people. And if any of these people look at you in pity, dont worry about it. SHOW them who you "USED" to be and what you still are. Don't wallow in self-shame/a
  14. It seems like youre going at the same rate I was going, so by day 60 you should notice how better your skin has gotten. By then time will just fly by, its been 70 days since I last posted here and my skin has gotten clear, still have the redness though haha..