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  1. I really liked J.Lynne's products at first. I first purchased some samples and liked the colors and coverage. So I bought $80-$100 worth of stuff, including foundations, powder, blush, etc. I used it for about a week and thought it was okay. But once I saw my sister with the stuff on in the day light, I stopped using it completely. We both have oily skin and this looks like crap within hours.
  2. I can't use Retin-A Micro. I get massive breakouts out for days following the application. I was prescribed Retin-A Micro and Benzaclin, along with Doxycyclin (oral medication). At first I thought the breakouts were from using all three products, although I interchanged the two topical meds every other day to prevent irritation. I tried using each medication alone couple of times. Eventually I realized Retin-A was doing more damage to my skin than good. I really wanted Retin-A to work be
  3. How do you apply epsom salt? I've never heard this one before. Actually, I've never purchased one before. I have EXTREMELY oily face. By the end of the day, even my eyelids get shiny. HOw sad is that? As I get older, my face gets greasier! I'm dying out here.
  4. I must say I'm a bit disappointed with the products. I purchased both the gel and the lactic peel after reading high recommendations from this site. I've used the gel for about a week, but stopped because of breakouts (probably not caused by the gel). While the gel felt nice, it didn't visibly reduce the hyperpigmentation. I've used the peel twice (along with the gel), but that didn't do much either. I know I'm supposed to use it for about 2 months to see results, so I'm going to continue u
  5. Wait, maybe you should also try www.deepestbeauty.com. They provide free shipping for very affordable samples. I'd try this before Aromaleigh, which has pretty anal policy on returns and exchanges anyway. You can ask questions to 2die4him, who is a member on this board.
  6. I'm also Asian (Korean-American, if that helps at all) with fair-medium yellowish ? skin. I was a long-time user of both Prescriptives and Shiseido. I can't believe I didn't notice this until THIS MORNING, but my skin looks ORANGE in the sunlight with those products . My sister and I use the same makeup... well, she's broke and borrows mine... and when we were standing outside, I noticed the foundation was way too orange for her skin (and she's darker than I am). I asked if my face looked
  7. Manolis, I completely know how you feel. I also have EXTREMELY oily and very shiny face. My entire face is oily. I used to touch up all the time because my face got oily soon after applying powder. But now, I use oil blotting sheets from Clean and Clear and it helped a lot. I noticed I sometimes broke out more on weekends when I didn't wear makeup than on days when I did. That's when I realized it was the excess oil and the clogged pores from the oil that made me breakout, because the days
  8. I was also wondering about this peel as well. I finally purchased the 40% peel from Pure Deming. This is my first time using a peel, so I'm hoping for positive results. I don't have many scars, but A LOT of hyperpigmentation. The smallest pimple will leave me with a bright red mark. Will this peel be effective in significantly reducing the redness or should I try something else? I've been doing the vinegar thing for few days, but haven't seen much results. Should I have purchased the Pur
  9. I'm also interested in finding a good dermatologist or surgeon (?) in L.A. I've never been to a derm, only because it's so damn expensive just to have them tell me what's wrong with my skin. I don't even want to think about the cost of treatments. So, I want my first experience to be well worth my money.
  10. I've tried so many methods posted on this site and so far, all of them failed. I'm also going to try this and will report back if I see any difference. I HOPE this works.
  11. Trader Joe's sells them for a cheap price as well. I LOVE that store.
  12. Teepot, I just wanted to thank you for your suggestion. After reading your testimonial, I went to Prescriptives and spoke with the saleswoman. She helped me find a good color. You can tell I'm wearing makeup under certain lights, but it's still one of the closest shades to my face I've found. What's amazing is that it not only covers better than my Shiseido Hydro Compact Foundation, but my face looks even smoother and healthier. I was always against liquid foundations because they didn't gi
  13. I hope the makeup works out for you, Melissa I used to use powdery foudation, but realized I was only caking up my face without much coverage. Now, I use the creamy foundation from Shiseido on my cheeks only, and use powder overall. I like the creamy foundation more than liquid because it gives me better coverage where I need it. Throughout the day, I only use the powder to touch up. By the way, before you touch up, it helps to use oil blotting paper. Then your makeup won't be as cakey.