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  1. Yes many of the patients who take accutane gets joint pain or muscles pain ... I got the muscle pain aswell ... but i ignored it .... it was not that hard and I dont want to stop my sport If you are able to "ignore" the pain, you can do your sports, but take care of your body and do not want to much
  2. so whats your dose and how heavy are you? ...
  3. So you know these feelings .... i mean ... felling of getting a black out just from one second to the other? ... .its confused because during my 6 month therapy I never had this feeling ... just as I ended the therapy i start to get those feeling of faintless and so on ....
  4. But afterwards ..... I think 10mg would have been better for me ... because maybe i didnt get the hair loss if I stayed just on 10mg
  5. yes even on this does .... take a look into the patient information leaflet .... there must be a point about this (in the german patient information leaflet is a point to this ..)
  6. do not take any tablets with have vitamine a ... this could cost you a overdose of vitamine a ...
  7. thx for the compliment ... I am very sorry I do not have any picture before or during the therapy .... i was not able to look at my face .... .. i know it would be great to see the result with befor and after pics ...
  8. congrats on accutane finally working :)

  9. So today I went to the Haircutter for my new Hairstyle ..... There are 3 Pics ... I am so happy at the moment with my skin ... I cant belive I am able to go outside without wearing make up or anything
  10. Hi there ... I have been on Ciscutan for 5 1/2 month .... 20mg per day .... so I take 0,488mg per day/kilo Now my face is clean and I have no acne ... but a few weeks ago my body starts to get same dizzy feelings ... like feeling of faintless in combination with a little panic attack because ervytime I have this feeling, I´m afraid to have a black out ... Could this be from Ciscutan?! ... I mean, my blood results are perfect ... my blood pressure is also ok ... I dont know what to do ...an
  11. I've lost nearly 8 pounds during my accutane therapy ....but now I'm off Accutane for nearly 3 or 4 weeks (I dont now it exactly ) and I am on the same weight as befor Accutane ... but for me it was dangerous to loose these 8 pounds ... its because I´m suffering on eating disorder ....
  12. I had no problems during the accutane therapy ...(the normale side effets) and I´m a smoker too ... smoking isnt good for the skin ... but it´s not the trigger for acne ...
  13. Vaseline is the best for the dry lips ... i would recommend avene clean ac for your face skin .. but i do not know if you are able to by this creme ... i am from austria and therefor i dont know if you cann sell this creme in your home country ....