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  1. I think my main problem atm is my motivation. Their are a few hobbies I can keep myself occupied in but it's hard to find the motivation to do them when I am so depressed all the time.
  2. Hi. I use to come on this site a lot back in the day when my acne was really active on my face, probably around 2007 - 2010. At around the end of 2010 my acne started to clear up, with the help of some cosmetic treatments and some proper advice on skin product use, as well as some medication (albeit very minor). For the 3 years since then I have had almost no acne problems, which is quite remarkable, although when my acne cleared up I didn't really get to feel the sense of joy I thought I wo
  3. i posted a thread earlier that got a few views but no one seemed to really consider what i was saying. i don't know if many people have tried getting medicating skin peels but they worked for me, i had suffered acne for like 7 years and saw dermatologists and everything and nothing worked. then i saw a dermal clinician and she told me that my skin was too congested and that i should get skin peels to medicate under the skin, and after like 5 of them my acne was gone. I was also on the regime of
  4. I actually stopped my acne a few months ago but i havnt bothered to post it here untill now. I suffered from acne for about 7 years or so and its been constant pain and anguish. Their were times when i was very low and constantly depressed. Nothing was working, i saw a dermatologist for nearly 2 years and it did no help at all. When i started uni this year i found a cosmetic and laser clinic near my uni and setup an appointment for the sake of it. I was set up with a Dermal Clinician named Moni
  5. Can you please message me the link because you are not allowed to post external links on these boards. Cheers. Hoping for more responses!
  6. I wanted to get a definitive answer on what, so far through everyones experiences, is the best treatment for red marks post acne. I have ALOT of them. Skin Peels, Lasers, whatever, in what direction should i heard. Btw, i am not interested in doing peels by myself at home. Ive read too many people who have screwed up their face by doing that. Everyone please post what was worked best for them.
  7. may i please ask as to why your using peels on ur face? Your skin looks fine to me.
  8. yer, i really don't know much about lasers but fraxel re store seems the best option atm, both financially and downtime wise.
  9. im going through the exact same thing, i went on doryx antibiotics and went through a series of cleanse/peels whilst using a daily regime of cleanser, benzac ac acne gel and moisturizer and my acne seems to of gone. I suffer from post acne scarring such as red marks aswell, i have alot and im undergoing fraxel treatments soon. You live in australia, do you live in melbourne?
  10. I was wondering what products or treatments their are to remove the tans on my arms. The top side of my arms have been very exposed to the sun over recent years and thers a deep tan sought of skin tone on the top of my arms now. I like the bottom side of my arms that are very white and bright and havnt been exposed to the sun. Ive been using likas papaya soap, and although its brightened it a bit, i want something more dramatic. Are their any products that dramatically exfoliate skin on the arm
  11. yer, i was one of those people who sat in my room all day and dwelled on acne. Im 18 now and i need to do something about it. Uni is keeping me busy, but i also recently just got a job to start financing my fraxel treatments which i hope to start in the next few months. Keep yourself busy (and dont look in the mirror, i havnt looked at my face in a LONG time).
  12. i dont necessarily have acne on my arms, but they annoy me because of the tanlines. Im currently using likas papaya soap to fade the tan and i think its working. I think the soap is also good at clearing arm acne.
  13. I'm a realist and i understand that it wont completely clear them, but im going to start fraxel re store treatments and wanted to get some insight. I have ice pick scarring too but thats not my main concern because i think fraxel will help that to a point im happy with. I really just want effective treatment on my red marks and sun marks. Any insight?
  14. It holds me back from socializing, although it's way easier when it's with people i know. For example last night i was at a gathering. Everyone who was their i knew but i only really talked to half of the people because they were my actual friends. Acne holds me back from becoming friends with those people who are friends of friends. It annoys me dearly. And ofcourse girls. I can still talk to girls that im friends with but acne has never allowed me to meet someone at a party or a bar and try t
  15. If u have acne or acne scars it doesnt make you ugly, it makes you feel like your ugly. Some people will view you differently, ofcourse, but i know heaps of guys who have acne scars and are still really good looking dudes who have girlfriends etc. I guess because their so cool then that helps, but it depends on how bad your scars or your acne is and whether your still able to be yourself or not. Something i find interesting is that the struggles of acne fluxuate between social groups. E.g., fr