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  1. this might be a bit off topic... ive always known warm showers etc are not great for circulation etc. i personally have a hot shower and end with really cold for a while. since ive been doing this my acne has reduced a lot in severity. i think more people should do it. what happens is that your pores open in the warmth so you can clean them... but you should try to close them up by ending in cold (closing pores) so that infective material doesn't get trapped and create pimples.
  2. hey my acne has recently returned after accutane and i'm not sure whether it's the fact that it's 6mths since i finished the course or the new moisturiser i'm using (qv). i'm starting to think that qv actually clogs the pores a little bit. what do you think?
  3. I was on accutane for about 8 months. During this time my face got terrible about halfway in then cured to virtually no pimples and smooth skin. For the next 6 months my skin remained clear. I woke up one day with a few pimples and I thought it was just a one off - but I was wrong... The acne has almost completely returned (I don't have severe acne just moderate and spread all over my face). This only happened really recently and I'm hoping it will fuck off, but I'm not so sure. It's like a nigh
  4. Okay just a check up... I'm about 12 weeks (about 3 months) into the treatment and my back, shoulders and chest are completely clear... However, my face is really gross with a lot of pimples and similar on my neck...
  5. Okay thanks a lot for the advice, I hope that this all clears in the end...
  6. Okay I'm 10 weeks in on 40mg Roaccutane. I weigh 70kg. I feel that my acne on my face gets better then worse in a cycle. I think it's finally starting to clear up now. However, I also feel that I have a couple of small scars, the odd one on my chin or cheek. Does anyone think it is the accutane that caused this because my skin usually heals fine and I have never got scars like this... Other than that, my back acne is almost completely non existent, mostly fading scars. Which is good... Also
  7. benplanet, did it go away instantly or like progressively over the years? same deal with me im 17 and i only just got it and its fukn gross, so im just wondering wen it will begin to go away? thx
  8. wow i wonder if it was your age or your regimen that cleared it up in the end... im so jealous of your back lol.
  9. im exactly the same not much acne anywhere else but all over upper back and shoulders... really badly too. doesnt make much sense. im 17 now and like i exfoliate and cleanse every morning and night but im thinking it will go away as i finish growing and shit... anyone agree? i hope so... if not im fuckkkd
  10. does bacne go away with age?????????