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  1. Yea I should probably update what I'm doing currently. -Only an SA wash, whenever needed (1/day max). I stopped the Tazorac (.05%, didn't seem to help much) -2 60mg Zinc Gluconate -2 100mg Acidophilus -2 400IU Vitamin E (water-soluble) -1 B Complex and Vitamin C -1 8000IU Vitamin A They are a variety of brands but I bought them all from a local Walgreens, which has periodic buy one, get one free deals on brands like Nature's Made. I would not recommend any GNC product because they overprice th
  2. Garlic is definitely healthy, but from my own experiences, it aggravates acne instead of improving it.
  3. Week 3 - Things are looking great! My skin is not peeling at all anymore, and the acne has gone down by at least 50%. No whiteheads and barely any new formations. This feels totally great. I've been going out and having more fun, PLUS i've been working about 3 times harder than my previous year at school. I really encourage you guys to give this combination a try! Feel free to comment. -Eric
  4. Update: I tried this for about 2 weeks and noticed minimal differences. I was talking with my bio teacher the other day, and she said that water is necessary in food absorption. In fact, not drinking water with a meal actually dehydrates the body since water is difffused from the body INTO the intestine for digestion.
  5. BronzeSurfer here again. Quick update. 1. Great site describing the symptoms and some semi-cures to leaky bowel syndrome. http://www.ionicminerals.net/multiple_sclerosis.htm 2. While showering I brainstormed some memories relevant to this subject. My hypothesis is that too much liquid during meals increases abnormal absorption in the small intestine. We all know that the small intestine absorbs nutrients while the large intestine absorbs water and stores waste. What we are doing is putting a
  6. Alright im jumping the bandwagon and giving this a try as well. I just finished my dinner so I'm going to wait an hour or two before any liquid consumption. However, I agree with BenKweller that the logic behind this cure is sketchy. There must be a solid reasoning behind why diet-induced acne is reduced.
  7. This thread has excellent info regarding masturbation and hormones - http://forum.avantlabs.com/index.php?act=ST&f=6&t=1803 I've been wanking for the past few days 2x per day and damn, im pretty sure its had a negative impact. I'm going to try and pull a month of abstinence and see if there are any improvements.
  8. Week 1 - Improvements are definitely showing. A few new ones have appeared (as is expected) but the older marks are fading quickly and there aren't any demeaning outbursts. My skin feels a little tighter after using the neutrogena SA wash. An added bonus is that my hair feels healthy as hell; its not as dry and rigid as when i first got home from hawaii. I've been watching my diet, but with slight flexibility. Had a little bit of chocolate and spicy food mixed into my normal diet of mild-tast
  9. I've tried tretinoin in the past with minimal results. Tazorac is a much improved version (also a retinoid). Tretinoin was originally designed for aging people to reduce wrinkling of the skin by increasing exfoliation. For acne-prone people, its quite tough on the skin. I found that it reduced a lot of small zits, but cystic acne was worsened.
  10. Sup guys. My name is Eric, and I have been on and off this site for about a year now. I've had acne in different levels ranging from mild to semi-severe for about 3 years now. Of course, I despise the stuff, but I also dislike topical medication, so I have been researching through many nutritional alternatives. Recently, i've picked up some old medical books, some specifically on skin disorders and others on general problems or supplemental advice. One thing that caught my attention - older s