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  1. soo i read that milk cause acne but i need to drink milk cause its good for me and very helpful to my workout but i heard it cause acne and im scared as shit to drink it so idk what to do anyone? help? whats your experience with milk? did it cause acne for you?
  2. i jus feel embarrassed, then sad especially if they hav clear skin...its mainly the skin i think if they hav nice skin i jus wish i had nice skin..
  3. you and i feel the same way.. many times im always depressed but i try not to show it, i hav the same problem with very low or no self confidence due to acne and im completely confused about the everything. for me i jus look for one thing: Happiness. its hard to find and sometimes i think it doesnt exist but i still look. i also think that happiness is formed through us. its lives through the things we hav and achieved. its like a choice. my happiness would consist of clear skin and no marks, a
  4. *sigh* so after about 2 weeks of no breakouts maybe more, today i broke out on my face.. i thought my acne had cleared up and i would jus hav to wait for my marks to fade but no i get more pimples..wtf im begining to get thing theres not hope for me..i feel depressed today i guess im jus venting my frustration, im hopeless if you read this thanks for reading
  5. okay so my acne has died down and i havnt had a big breakout for about a month *crossfingers* it stays that way but i hav quite a bit of scaring, their like red marks and its really annyoing, anyone know the best thing to do with these scars? any suggests are appreciated . thanks
  6. just like everyone said let people in to help you heal your problems. it will help alot, stress and depression might be affecting your weight and diet, that might ne one reason why that is but things can only get better just keep trying and accept peoples help
  7. dont let your acne run your life, im about to turn 19 but you should really go out, dont lock yourself away cause in the end you will end up regretting it and you wont get a second chance, seriously think about it and cause you still got some time. good luck
  8. im sorry your are having a bad day and depressed but jus hang in there.. jus gotta keep your head high and keep trying to fight it. its the best you got.. dont giv up.. i know i havnt, jus hang in there! good luck
  9. honestly i dont think i can..its weird i hate acne so much its something i cant stand. i know i sound like a asshole or something and i know i hav get acne myself and stuff.. but for me its like i hate acne on myself so i dont wanna look for something that makes me hate myself.. its weird..
  10. i feel for you, my acne had is clearin up but i hav soo much fucken red marks and scar and hyperpigmention its pissing me off so much, idk what to do to get rid of the fucken red marks im frustrated too
  11. acne has a really bad stigma in the media, i think the media sees clear skin as a must have thing. idk to me acne seems to have a bad stigma
  12. dude i feel for ya, i feel hopeless i jus wish for clear skin everyday i jus wish it went away
  13. your first post pretty much read my mind, i feel same way..its tough, especially when it comes to hangin out with friends and and goin out, my acne affected my outgoingness, since i moved the for college i didnt hav any friends and bc of my acne i barely made any.. and i regret it so much im glad to see you are trying your hardest, its a good step in the right direction, i think ill follow your example
  14. ^^ oh my damn! thats how my skinns like when i was on antibiotics! anyways its hard to say, how long were you on doxy? also try and be cheerful for the holidays, its a time to feel happy